10 Things to Do at Winter Fest OC

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Orange County has a new Holiday Attraction called Winter Fest OC located at the OC Fairgrounds. We attended a media preview of the event last night to check out everything it has to offer. At first I got really worried about going because of the 405 rush hour traffic, but the kids had fun, so the drive was all worth it.

Check out my WinterFest OC Review below as well as 10 Things To Do at WinterFest OC. This fun holiday event will run until January 3rd only. Be sure to visit if you’re looking for something fun to do this Holiday with the kids. 


1. Ice Tubing: 6 lanes at Winter Fest OC. Fast and Fun! There’s a tube for adults and a smaller tube for the kids.

2. Ice Skate with holiday movie favorites projecting in the background. You can also rent out a cabana so the adults can lounge and the kids can ice skate ’til they get tired. I suggest doing this last as it’s very tiring unless you’re a pro on the ice.

3. Walk Through a Giant Ornament. Unique to Winter Fest OC. The kids loved it. We even went through it again on our way out. Just something unique and a good picture opp. Selfie anyone?

4. Winter Fest OC Carnival Rides. Ferris wheel, carousel, roller coaster for kids, Kamikaze (scary rides that goes 360 degrees), and more.


5. Carnival Games at Winter Fest OC is a lot of fun. Pop the balloon, race games, throw a ball, a whole lot more. I love carnival games, I wish we won two donuts though or maybe came home with baby Shrek. LOL!


6. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Various fair type food at Winter Fest OC includes deep fried Oreos, deep fried Twinkies, Pizza, Corn Dogs, Bacon wrapped dog, BBQ, Kettle popcorn, caramel apple, cookies and more. You can also get beer, hot chocolate, and coffee. I wish they have the roasted corn like at the OC Fair though.

7. Reindeer Feedings.

8. Ride the Train that goes around Winter Fest OC. The kids rode it twice.

9. See Live Performances at Winter Fest OC

10. See Nightly Snow and Tree Lightings. We got late and missed the snow fall and tree lighting. The kids would have enjoyed that experience as we’ve never been to the snow. Maybe next year we’ll head to Big Bear and get a cabin for that real snow experience and sing “Do you wanna build a snowman” for the 100th time. Ha!


Winter Fest OC was fun if you want to ice tube, ice skate, ride carnival rides and play carnival games.  It wasn’t crowded last night (opening night), so we were more relax and was not worried that they’d get lost in the crowd if we don’t watch them like a hawk.

Ice tubing is always a lot of fun. I feel like the stairs were not as high here as another place we go to (good for me). Our kinder girl even brave ice tubing last night (first time), and we were happy to see her get more braver every year.


For the carnival rides at Winter Fest OC, she was only able to ride the airplane ride, the carousel was kinda fast in my opinion. She wanted to ride the ferris wheel but we hesitated. The train ride was fun for both the kids and I coz’ it went around the whole place.

There is not much to do for those with toddlers though except for the train ride and some arts & craft section, balloon twisting, etc. But our toddler had fun still, she even ran to Santa in full force. I think kids are much simpler to please than we think.

We also enjoyed the walk-through ornament. It was unique to the Winter Fest OC. Our fave was all the carnival games though, we even went home with a giant donut which we won from one of the racing games where you have to shoot balls through a hole. I do want a real donut right now though.

Overall, we had fun. The rides were perfect for bigger kids. But our kids had fun still and didn’t even wanna leave.

We intend to take ice skating lessons soon, so we can move better on the ice next year if Winter Fest OC comes back for the second year. Frozen movie was also playing on the big screen.

I highly recommend putting the kids for a nap if you’re going at night time, the kids were in such a good mood last night even if we got stuck in traffic. It makes for an awesome experience when they enjoy it. They say happy wife, happy life. I’d say happy kids, happy parents. LOL.

Visiting Winter Fest OC soon? Don’t forget to bring your jacket, enjoy some hot chocolate and funnel cake. Have fun!!!












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