A Fun Family Movie Night with The Book of Life Movie

Last Friday, while it was pouring really hard outside, we stayed in for a Family Movie Night to see The Book of Life, now available on DVD and Blu-ray, $14.99 for the DVD and $22.96 for the 2 disc Blu-ray on Amazon.I’ve been really curious to see this movie, everyone is saying it’s great and indeed it was. With Mexican food, free party printables, party accessories, and an awesome movie, it was a great Friday Night for us.



Shall we say, the kids have finally given up on Frozen after seeing The Book of Life(it’s about time). My daughter said.. there’s singing in it mommy, I like it.

We started our Family Movie Night with Mexican food and taking pictures. The kids think The Book of Life masks are really cute. What do you guys think? We’ve actually save it for future play-dress-up activities. 


The movie besides being funny,  makes you really think about the path you’re taking, your goals and aspirations. How you want to write about your life. It had a huge effect on me and the hubby, especially since we’re now in our mid 30s… yikes.. we’re getting old.

I know I’ve reach all the goals I’ve set for myself early on in my life. But when you hit your mid 30s. You think about what you want to do not only for the kids or your career, but the legacy you wish to leave behind. The movie really made me think. How exactly do I want to live the other half of my life? 


Before I get sentimental, I invite you to get The Book of Life on Blu-ray and DVD, it’s a movie to keep.

During our Family Movie Night, we also answered our New Year’s resolution sheet, you can print The Book of Life free printables here. We focus our New Year’s resolution not only on what we want to accomplish this year but on the years to come. I seriously need a whole book for it. 


Happy February everyone. I’d like to end by saying, It’s never too late to start on your resolution nor too write how you want your life to be written and to act on it. Adios!
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