Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time: on digital May 29 & Blu-ray June 5th

To celebrate the upcoming home entertainment release of the fantasy film – A Wrinkle In Time, we were invited to Walt Disney Studios in Burbank to meet the film’s producer – Catherine Hand, and some actors from the film. Did Oprah show up? Check Erika’s experience entering the Disney Studios for the very first time as well as new insights she discovered about a Wrinkle in Time.

Erika is a resident contributor of AnyTots and has been covering Southern California events for AnyTots for some time now.

I was very excited and unsure what to expect as one can only enter the studios by invite.  As I parked in the Zorro parking lot and walked past the water tower at Walt Disney Studios, I wondered, “Will I get to see Oprah or Mindy Kaling?” 

Catherine Hand, the film’s producer, greeted us in the screening room to introduce the “Wrinkle in Time” bonus presentation.  The bonus feature provided a detailed look into the movie’s set and costume design, and the relationship between cast and crew.  The main takeaway is that the movie is a modern take on the book with a diverse cast, crew, locations, and costume design.  Director Ava DuVernay states in the feature that, “The real world is a quilt” and this movie represents the real world. Having seen the movie when it came out in theaters, I thought this was a perfect description.

I attended a roundtable interview with Catherine Hand (Producer) and gained some new (for me!) insights about the movie.  Hand beamed with pride while talking about the movie and the many years she has been wanting to make the movie a reality.  Her love of the book, movie, and storyline is infectious.

Hand shared some lessons she was hoping the audience would take away from watching this movie:

  • Meg does not see the love and light around her until she travels the universe and returns home.  A difficult thing to do is to be fully who you are.  Yet, faults and all is who you need to be.
  • Meg’s father can’t solve everything for her.  She is strong enough to solve her problems on her own.
  • Love is action.  Meg’s little brother, Charles Wallace, gives her the courage she needs to return home.  There may be more love in what you do for someone else. 
  • Like Meg, you can go from fearful to fearless.

Hand said that the movie brought the book into the modern century.  Girls are currently feeling the pressure to be perfect.  “A Wrinkle in Time” teaches young girls that this is not necessary. Wow, what an absolutely wonderful message I try to impart on my little girls daily.

The day ended with an energetic interview with the young actors, Storm Reid (Meg Murry) and Deric McCabe (Charles Wallace).  There is an unmistakable and genuine connection between the young actors.  At one point during the interview, Deric takes a hold of Storm’s hand and says he is her brother and will always protect her.  Insert “Awwww!” here.  Storm comes across as a very mature young lady and I quickly understand why she was selected for this part.  Not to be outdone, “Mr. Deric” asks to be addressed as “Mister” when he hears Storm respectfully refer to Ms. Oprah and Ms. Mindy during conversation.  I thought this pair was a hoot and I appreciated the genuine connection that shines through during their acting roles in the movie.

This is a movie about individuals accepting themselves and all of their flaws.  It helps to shatter the current unrealistic expectation that girls should be perfect at everything at all times.  The point is that you are lovable for just being you.  What a great message!  I am excited to share this movie with my little ones and reinforce the idea that they are perfect and lovable just as they are.

Grab Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” on Digital starting today – May 29th or on Blu-ray ™ on June 5th.












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  1. I really love those messages from the film. So beautiful! We’ve not seen it yet, but, I read the book when I was young. Can’t wait to see the movie.

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