20 Useful Things to Have on a Flight

We travel by plane a lot and we’ve learned a few things over the years to make traveling easier for us and the kids. We’ve assembled the Top 20 Useful Things to Have on a Flight so you can start and end your trip on the right note.

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With these airplane essentials, you and the kids can be entertained and comfortable throughout the flight.

1. Neck Pillow – Nap comfortably on the plane with this neck pillow that has chin support to prevent your head from falling forward.

2. Inflatable Pillow Sleep Aid – If you’d rather sleep forward on your flight, this compact inflatable pillow is useful to bring to a flight as it will let you sleep forward.

3. Eye Mask – Bring an eye mask with you so you don’t have to worry about the next passenger turning the reading light on the plane or the passenger in the front opening the windows. This eye mask is lightweight so you can easily bring it with you yet it really blacks out the light. It also has an adjustable strap.

4. Ear Plug – Block out the airplane noise with an earplug. This one has a case but a moldable version is also available as well as a corded one so you can easily find it on the plane in case you drop it. Get this one for the kids.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones – Instead of an earplug, if you love listening to music, might as well bring a noise canceling headphone.

6. Phone Earphones – If you want something lightweight, just bring phone earphones. Buy one for each passenger so everyone can listen to their music or watch their movie in peace. Buy a wireless one if you don’t want to deal with messy cords but a wired one is great for long international flights so you don’t risk running out of battery.

7. Inflatable Travel Foot Rest & Bed Pillow – You have to check this out! I’m on the short side so my calves always hurt when my feet cannot reach the floor. This inflatable footrest helps me on long flights. It’s a perfect travel footrest or seat extender so the toddlers can lay flat.

8. Travel Size Toiletry Bottles Set – Use these bottles to stay in compliance with TSA requirements for liquid containers.

9. Ziplock Bags (various sizes) – Handy for packing toys and snacks during the flight as well as keeping liquids contained.

10. Insulated Water Bottle – This brand is easy to clean. It keeps cold drinks cool for 24 hours or hot drinks for 12 hours. Bring one per person. Just make sure to keep it empty before going through X-ray then just fill it up at the gate or on the flight so you don’t have to keep calling the flight attendant when you get thirsty.

11. Roll-Up Compression Bags – If you are trying to fit more into your carry-on, get these compression bags. It helps keep your luggage tight and organized. Just make sure to stay within the weight limit.

12. Motion Sickness Medication – A must-have for passengers who feel nauseas during the flights. Bring one for adults and another suitable for kids.

13. Antibacterial Wipes or Baby Wipes – Stay sanitized while in your seat. Wipe down the tray table and armrests. Bring this to the lavatory just in case.

14. Power Banks – Take a power bank so you don’t run out of phone battery at the terminal or in the middle of the flight coz’ even with the charging stations at the terminal, everyone seems to be using it.

15. Snacks – Pack ahead so you don’t need to buy on the plane where it is more expensive. Plus, the pretzels you do get for free tastes like cardboard.

16. Smallest Folding Stroller – If you’re traveling with young ones, this is very handy to load in the overhead compartment or check in at the gate.

17. ScotteVest Pickpocket Proof Travel Jacket – This will be the last jacket you buy when flying or traveling. It has multiple hidden pockets to store your documents, wallet, and phone.

18. Travel Money Belt – Simply the best travel “fanny pack” money belt to hold all your essential documents, phone, and electronic accessories. Easy to access while in your seat on the plane. This is especially helpful for parents traveling alone with their kids so you can keep your documents with you at all times even when you’re using the lavatory.

19. Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder – Never strain your hands again as a phone or tablet holder. This ingenious holder can be placed on your tray table or behind the seat in front of you when your tray table is stowed. You’ll be the envy of the entire cabin while everyone else gets carpel tunnel and feels their hands cramp up.

20. Kids Travel Tray – Surviving the plane ride with kids can be every parent’s nightmare. Bring this foldable travel tray to keep them busy and never worry about having a toy fall off the tray table and check our list of 20+ Best Travel Toys for Toddlers.



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