Annie the Musical is a Must See

I took my preschooler to see Annie the Musical yesterday during its opening night at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County. We love Annie, yet has only seen the movie version of it. So when I found out that Annie will be at Segerstom, we had to see it. My daughter keeps saying I wanna watch it again, I don’t blame her, I feel the same way.

Annie the Musical will run ’til May 24 and I highly recommend that you see it, check for discount tickets here. The cast, the set, the scores, from the overture all the way to the end, it was great. Truly a must see, both for adults and for kids. I was worried that my daughter won’t be able to sit through it as it’s a tad bit long. But the show was so good that she didn’t wanna go home in spite it being pass her bedtime.

The musical is a little bit different from the movie. Like Annie’s hair only became curly at the end of the musical. But what really amazed me is how they got to get a dog(Sandy) to play its role in a live musical where there are no second takes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Although of course, I don’t want to see real animals on a Lion King musical, which by the way will be showing at Segerstrom in October, can’t wait!
Issie Swickle(Annie) and the rest of the kids sang really well & Lynn Andrews(Ms. Hannigan) just has all the energy all throughout the show. I think when the second one is bigger, I’d like to take her as well when Annie the Musical comes back to Segerstrom. I actually sang “Tomorrow” over and over again to her when she was a baby to calm her down when she was crying, believe me, it really calmed her down.

In case you’ve never seen Annie, on the big screen or in a play. It’s about a young orphan who won’t give up on her dream of finding her parents until the billionaire Daddy Warbucks took her in for what was suppose to be only a 2 week stay at his mansion turned into him wanting to adopt her. You’ll hear unforgettable songs like “It’s the Hard-Knock Life,” “I Don’t Need Anything But You” and the ever-optimistic “Tomorrow.”

It was actually our first time watching at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. So here are some tips. Bring cash for parking, $10. There are some photo props, take advantage of it before the show or during intermission. Restroom lines may be long but goes really fast. Not a lot of food on the concession, just treats and drinks, but the Blondie bar is good. If you need to get to will call for your tickets, it’s on the ground floor. If you have your tickets, you can cross the parking from the second floor.  Annie started a little pass 7:30PM, we got out at around 10PM with a 15 minute intermission. Don’t forget your jacket/coat, it’s cold outside after the show. Enjoy the show if you get the chance to see it. But you must see it!


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