Avocado Shake Recipe

Sharing with you guys my avocado shake recipe. You just need 4 ingredients, blend it ’til smooth and it’s ready to drink. If I can name my 3 favorite drinks it would be avocado shake, taro boba smoothie and milo dinosaur drink. Check my easy avocado shake recipe below.

avocado shake recipe

Avocados are served sweet in Asia where I grew up. Either on top of a shaved ice as a dessert or as an avocado shake. It’s not until I moved to the US that I really got to try guacamole and all the other avocado dishes we have here. My favorite way to enjoy avocado though is still in its shake form, maybe coz’ that’s what I got accustomed too.


Avocado Shake Ingredients:

  • 1 Avocado (medium)
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp condensed milk

How to make Avocado Shake:

Blend the 4 ingredients in a blender until smooth and incorporated. Put in a cup then serve it with a straw.

Serving it in a party? Get this clear cups, bendable straw and lime or avocado with umbrella picks (like in the picture). You can serve it on a Luau party.

Is that easy or what? Hope you enjoy it.

Avocado shakes are not only delicious they are also nutritious. Yes, avocados are good for you. They are loaded with fiber and contain more potassium than bananas. They can also lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and may help prevent cancer. So enjoy!


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