Best Phoenix Restaurants: Bobby Q

I may have tried the best tasting cornbread! We were on a 4 day trip to Phoenix and had planned to try the famous Pizzeria Bianco – it being one of the best Phoenix restaurants. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t wait for the hour long queue to try the restaurant. Yet, because of that, we were able to discover a really good barbecue place with a really good cornbread.

Traveling with the kids totally changes where and what time we can eat. Unable to wait and with little research, we drove to Bobby Q, also another one of the best Phoenix restaurants (based on the number of reviews it’s been getting).


Driving into Bobby Q, the hubby questioned whether the area is even safe. Unfamiliar with the area and all really hungry. We were greeted with a huge parking lot and a quaint looking place in the middle of nowhere. It’s not in Downtown Phoenix where we were staying but it’s definitely worth the drive.


Bobby Q is like in the middle of nowhere but you go inside the restaurant and you immediately think.. jackpot! I think the place is going to be good. And good it is. From the service to the food to the sweet pack of donuts in the end. It lives up to the number of good reviews it’s been getting.


We ordered the lunch meat platter which was only $20 and split it between the two of us. I couldn’t even finish it. I may have eaten a wee bit much of cornbread – slathered with butter. I’m smiling as I write this coz’ I also ate the leftover cornbread we took back to the hotel that night. The hubby didn’t see any crumbs. It’s like it didn’t happen. LOL!

If you order the lunch meat platter, you get to choose 3 types of meat and we went for brisket, ribs and chicken BBQ. I thought the chicken BBQ was the most flavorful of the 3. Their meat was also smoked for about 20 hours and it was really tasty. The platter also came with 1 side and we opted to get the mac & cheese and it was cheesy-licious.

For the eldest, we got her a cheese pizza and she ate 9/10th’s of it. We were wondering how she can possibly be eating almost the whole pizza all to herself but she said it was really good. We took a bite of it and indeed it was good. It tasted like it was baked in a wood oven.

We were already very full when our waiter handed us a brown bag filled with mini donuts. Yum. I did ask for another bag and he was kind enough to give us another one. I think I want to have a donut fryer at home like the ones they have at Bobby Q. Maybe make some apple cider donuts like the ones they make in Oak Glen.

Glad to have found Bobby Q while visiting Phoenix. We’ll definitely go back! They have also opened another branch in Mesa, Arizona in case you’re headed there.

I also like the outdoor patio eating area at Bobby Q. Was asking the hubby if we can re-create it in our backyard. What do you guys think? Perfect for drinks and cornbread!

Bobby Q is located at 8501 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051.

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  • La Santisima, a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant recommended by my cousin’s cousin. You wouldn’t want to leave Phoenix without trying out all their unique salsas.


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