Borrego Springs Sculptures Guide

Go on a California Road Trip to the desert with a visit to Borrego Springs and see massive metal sculptures out in the field created by artist Ricardo Breceda. These massive sculptures are spread across private parcels of land known as Galleta Meadows in the Borrego Valley. Last year, when there was so much rain in Southern California, wildflowers even sprouted all over this desert landscape.

Borrego Springs Sculptures


Borrego Springs, California is 3 hours away from Los Angeles International Airport & 2 hours away from San Diego.

Coming from Palm Springs, Borrego Springs is only 1.5 hours away so we did a day trip to check out all the metal sculptures we can find. If you’re visiting Palm Springs for another weekend getaway and want to do something new and unique, plan a day trip to Borrego Springs. Nearby, you can also visit Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Note: This post was created in March 2019, updated in October 2020.

Borrego Springs Sculptures

Some of the giant Borrego Springs sculptures you’ll find are creatures that once lived in the Borrego Valley. From the Columbian Mammoth, the giant bird Aiolornis, camels, the elephant-like Gomphothere, and the Sabertooth Cat. The fossils of all these animals have been found nearby in some of the most extensive and well-preserved paleontology sites in all of North America.

The Nursing Camel Sculpture

Borrego Springs Nursing Camel Sculpture

But it’s not only creatures of the past but also of the present and creatures formed by the artist’s imagination that you will find when you visit Borrego Springs to check out these metal sculptures.

The Borrego Springs Serpent Sculpture

Borrego Springs Serpent Sculpture

Our favorite Borrego Springs sculpture? The Serpent. It is divided into parts to make the illusion that it is going in and out of the sand. At the same time, when you’re driving to it, the head is on one side of the road, and the tail is on another.

The Scorpio and Grasshopper Sculpture

Besides the serpent, you’ll also find a giant metal sculpture of a T-rex, a mammoth, tortoise, a nursing camel, wild sheep, and even a jeep, all scattered around the Borrego Springs desert floor.

Desert Tortoise Sculpture

Borrego Springs Tortoise Sculpture

The landowner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs – the late Dinner Avery, was the one who envisioned the idea of adding free-standing art in his desert property made from steel welded sculptures created by artist Ricardo Breceda. Today, you can visit the Borrego Springs Sculptures for free.

The Mammoth Sculpture

All these sculptures are not fenced in and though there’s not a lot of cars passing by, I would advise making sure that the kids do not stay near the road or visitors who are taking pictures do stay off the road to avoid accidents.

You will be doing multiple stops to visit the various sculptures as they are spread out but try to see as much as you can.

The Borrego Springs Jeep Sculpture

Borrego Springs Sculptures Map

For a Borrego Springs sculptures map and location, visit the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association bookstore. If you merely wish to see a few of the Borrego Springs sculptures, check google map and you’ll find them lined up along Borrego Springs Road.

Dining in Borrego Springs

While we were visiting Borrego Springs to see the metal sculptures, we dined at Kesling’s Kitchen. I no longer remember the name of what we ordered except that for sure there was pizza, I do remember that everything tasted great though and the interior of the restaurant was really nice. It’s great to stop by as the desert weather will really make you hungry and thirsty.

Other Fun Things to do in Borrego Springs

While you’re in Borrego Springs to check out the Borrego Metal Sculptures, you can also check out Borrego Art Institute, Borrego Desert Nature Center, and Anza Borrego State Park.

Borrego Springs Resorts

After we checked out the Borrego Springs sculptures, we drove around town and saw a few resorts including La Casa Del Zorro and Borrego Springs Resort Spa. We haven’t personally stayed in them but maybe next time for a weekend getaway.

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