Cavalia Odysseo Review: A Unique Equestrian and Acrobatic Show

Update: Cavalia Odysseo Discount Tickets $82.10. They are performing in Irvine again this November.

The kids couldn’t stop mentioning “the horse show” ever since we saw Cavalia Odysseo. Even the mere mention of the word “show” will make them ask me about it. It really made a mark on them and if you haven’t seen Cavalia yet, make sure to get your tickets and watch something unique for a change.

Cavalia Odysseo will amaze you with their set design and outstanding performances that requires strength, focus and discipline from the 65 horses, 48 riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, and musicians.

See Cavalia Odysseo with the family, friends or make it a date night even. I would suggest making sure to let the kids take their nap prior if possible as it’s a pretty long show.

You can’t miss the colossal white tent that houses Cavalia Odysseo at the junction of the 405 and 133 in Irvine. There is not a bad seat to view the show and you can purchase food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks) from the concession stand and shop for souvenirs from the show as well.

Getting in and out of the parking lot at Cavalia Odysseo is also a breeze. Very organized though could get a little dusty.

My favorite part of the show is the acrobats in what looked like a giant carousel. Such strength that can only be achieve through years of practice. I was in awe as they hold the pole and hang perpendicular to it, it’s really going against gravity.

You’ll also be amazed as water goes inside the stage in this $30 million touring show. Make sure not to miss it before it leaves Irvine. Last show will be on March 27.

Avail of Cavalia Odysseo Discount Tickets $82.10

Cavalia Odysseo | The White Big Top, 16576 Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine, California

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