Coachella Camping Packing List: 30 Camping Essentials

Here is your Coachella Camping Packing List. We’ve listed 30 Essential Camping Items to Pack for Coachella to get the most fun and comfort out of your three-day experience including a list of things you cannot bring to the Coachella campgrounds.

Coachella Camping Packing List

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1. Collapsible Lantern/Flashlight in One – Though it’s sunny and bright at Coachella during the daytime, it’s very dark at night (obviously). Use this lightweight and collapsible lantern as a light in your tent or as a flashlight when you need to find the potty at night.

2. Headlamp – If you want to be hands-free when you look for the potty at night, get a headlamp.

3. Tent – I really don’t know how to put up a tent, this tent makes it easy as it can be set up in 60 seconds. Don’t forget to secure it as the wind can really pick up at Coachella, especially during Springtime when the music festival is ongoing. Do note that metal tent stakes are prohibited, so bring a plastic one.

4. Camping Mattress, Pillow, and Blanket – Make sure it’s a comfy sleep, you’re gonna be tired, very tired! Your 3 options depending on your body needs – an air mattress, a self-inflating camping pad, or good ol’ sleeping bag.

5. Ear Plugs – You may be ready to knock out but other festival-goers still feel like partying or making unnecessary noise so bring some earplugs.

6. Wipes – After everyone has walked on the grass, especially on weekend 2 of Coachella, the grass will be gone and all it is is sand which will keep your feet dusty. It will be so refreshing to have wipes – to wipe your feet, your face, etc.

7. Sun Tent – To provide you shade during the 3 day weekend of Coachella before you actually hit the festival grounds. Remember that temperature can be in the 100s. Also pack some Tarps and Zip Ties so you can cover the 3 sides for extra shade.

8. Folding Camping Chair – Relax and enjoy the outdoors sitting on a lightweight portable camping chair that’s small enough to fit in its included carrying bag.

9. Cooler – For your water, beer, ice, etc. Preferably bring one with wheels and cup holder built into it. If you think you’ll be camping a lot, get the Yeti Cooler instead which can keep ice from melting for a long time. Ice is expensive at the campgrounds, so pack it in if you can before you go inside.

10. Trash Bag – To keep things tidy. There are also flies in the desert during the hotter months so it’s helpful to put your trash away to keep them from coming. Make sure to keep it secure so it doesn’t fly away.

11. Toilet Paper – You’ll be glad you brought it into the porta-potty.

12. Sweatshirt – It’s really warm (or hot) during the daytime at Coachella, but cold at night. So pack a sweatshirt or a hoodie or a cardigan just in case you’re the type who gets cold easily.

13. Portable Phone Chargers – It is so easy to run out of battery when you’re at Coachella. Bring a portable phone charger so you don’t need to keep going to the charging stations.

14. Bike and bike lock – If you can pack it into your car, bring a bike to get around the campgrounds. No bicycles will be allowed in the venue proper. Do not lock your bicycle to gate openings and closings or any art installations or it will be considered surrendered. Look for the designated bicycle parking on the festival maps.

15. Snacks and Water – You can purchase food at the food stands but do bring your snacks like granola bars, frozen grapes, trail mix, nuts, chips, and lots of water.

16. Neck Pouch or Fanny Pack – to keep important items with you like your money, ID, etc. from getting stolen. While we’re at it, make sure you don’t forget to pack your festival wristband. I would also suggest not tightening it to the point that you can’t slip it out of your wrist. Hello! I did this during my first festival – Desert Trip, and so instead of bringing home the wristband and keeping it as a souvenir as Desert Trip never happened again, I had to cut the wristband. Rookie mistake.

17. Battery Operated Fan – it does go up to 100 degrees in the desert. Keep your cool with a fan. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries as well.

18. Cool Towels – Cool towels can be used as a neck cooler, ice cooling scarf, instant heat relief bandana, and chill headband. The mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it’s treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on your skin, when water evaporates it cools.

19. GoPro – Bring a GoPro to record all the fun. DSLRs are not allowed at Coachella Festival.

20. Water Bottle – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Plastic water bottles are allowed at the festival. Bring a foldable water bottle or a hydration pack and refill on site.

21. Bandana Face Mask – Put this on top of your Coachella Camping Packing List next to your festival wristband. Avoid the infamous “Coachella Cough” and buy yourself a bandana face mask. It gets windy at Indio, CA where Coachella is held every April and dust kicks up especially during Weekend 2 after much of the grass has been killed off from Weekend 1. The dust is rough on the throat so bring a few bandanas for safe measures.

22. Sun Hat – Do not go home with a sunburned face or even a scalp. It has happened to me before with just a few hours at the theme park. You can bring a foldable hat, a sun visor, one that protects your neck, and one with a chin strap so it doesn’t fly away in case it gets windy which it usually does or just use a good ol’ baseball hat.

23. Sunscreen – Again, you’re in the desert so you definitely need sunscreen. Get the travel size so you can carry with you around the festival and reapply it throughout the day. Pump or cream only, aerosols are not allowed.

24. Portable Speakers – While waiting for the festival to start at noon, keep everyone in your group entertained. This portable speaker has a 24-hour playtime and 66ft Bluetooth range.

25. Towels and Shower Slippers

26. Toiletry bag – Don’t forget your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, make-up, deodorant, etc.

27. Disposable Eating Utensils

28. Workout Clothes – In case you wish to participate in the morning yoga.

29. Foldable Table & Deck of Cards – Play some card games to kill off time. You’ll be needing a table for playing, eating, and putting your cooler under more share.

30. Portable Propane Grill – For cooking at Coachella. Propane stoves/grills are allowed at car camping only.

My biggest Coachella Camping Tip is to pack according to the fact that it’s going to be hot during the daytime, dusty so cover your feet and protect your throat, and windy so stake down your tent well. There will also be long lines for the shower so waking up earlier may be key so while everyone is all lined up, you’re already fresh and lounging in your tent. But best of all, keep your cool, make friends, don’t forget your wristband, and just have fun.


  • Amplified Sound (Large Speakers, DJ Equipment, Non Factory installed Car Audio)
  • Animals (Service Animals Are Allowed (See ADA Guide)
  • Branded Pop-Up Canopies or Tents
  • Compressed Gas Tanks (Helium, Nitrous (haha), etc.)
  • Drones or Remote-Control Vehicles or Toys
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Extra Car Batteries
  • Flammables (Incl. Fireworks, Explosives, Ammunition)
  • Flashlights Over 5.5” In Length
  • Furniture (Sofas, Couches, Recliners, Lay-Z-Boys, Home Furnishings, Non-Inflatable Mattresses (LEAVE NO TRACE)
  • Generators (Gas)
  • Glass Of Any Kind (Bottles, Large Mirrors, Containers, Solar Panels, Lights, etc.)
  • Heating Appliances
  • Kegs
  • Metal Tent Stakes
  • Open Flames (Campfires, Candles, Tiki Torches)
  • Prescription Medication (must be in properly labeled containers that match the holder’s ID. (No pillboxes.)
  • Propane stoves allowed in Car Camping only. Review FAQ about cooking.
  • Party Balloons
  • Personal Vehicles (Skates, Scooters, Skateboards, Hoverboards, Segways, Electric Scooters (Birds, Limes…) (Personal Mobility Devices for ADA Guests and Bicycles are ok.)
  • Rugs or Astroturf
  • Scissors
  • Slip-N-Slides
  • Sports Equipment (Golf Clubs, Bats, Hockey Sticks, etc.)
  • Squirt Guns Or Water Toys
  • Tools (Sledgehammers, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Shovels, Gardening Tools, Metal Mallets, Woodchippers) (SMALL RUBBER MALLETS OK)
  • Vending (Inventory will be considered surrendered and not returned.)
  • Walkie Talkies / 2-way Radios
  • Weapons (Guns, Ammo, Tasers, Pepper Spray/Mace, Knives (Incl. Cooking or Steak Knives)… INCLUDES ALL OFF-DUTY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR CONCEALED PERMITS
  • Workout Equipment (Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, etc.)
  • Wrapped or Sponsored Vehicles. (Your vehicle will be turned away if it has ads, marketing, sponsors or company logos on it. (Rental company logos Are permitted.)

Surrendered items are considered forfeited on entry. No items will be returned, regardless of what any staff member or guard tells you.

If you’re unclear about an answer, just assume the answer is no.


  • Camping Eats and Drinks
  • Free Water Refill Stations
  • Free WIFI
  • General Stores
  • Ice
  • Phone Charging
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Security and Medical
  • Showers
  • Free Supermarket Shuttles
  • Activities like Silent Disco to Water Balloon Tosses.
  • Additional Services such as pedi cabs lost & found, locksmith, and more.

Learn more about camping rules in Coachella.

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