Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel: Corner 1BR Suite 180° View

We stayed at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas last week for a good 2 nights and enjoyed the corner 1 Bedroom suite at the East Tower as it has a wrap around balcony that has an awesome view of the Bellagio fountain and the rest of Las Vegas.


For the most part, me and the kids were asleep though because we just arrived in LA on a Wednesday night (7 weeks in Asia) and left for Vegas Friday morning. Talk about jet lag. Luckily, Cosmopolitan had the most awesomely soft bed and pillows.



The hotel check in is at the West Tower. Hope that helps you when you park at the basement unless you’ve going the valet route.

The kitchen is a beauty, you just need to bring your pots and pans if you’re thinking of cooking there. But there are tons of restaurants at Cosmopolitan, including their buffet restaurant Wicked Spoon that serves bone marrow and a really good taco. I even ate too much dessert, huge chocolate covered strawberries and yummy macarons.

Complete with a kitchen, dining area, living room, a desk for working, a bedroom with a complete bath, and another bathroom near the kitchen – the Cosmopolitan Suite is perfect for parties!

Cosmopolitan is not a kid friendly hotel except for the view of course. Yes, the kids watched the Bellagio fountain pretty much every time it’s on, or every time they are awake. It’s nice in the morning and at night.

The toddler and I had a funny “Hangover” movie scenario at 3 in the morning though. We got stuck outside the balcony coz’ the balcony door won’t open. She woke up at 3AM due to jet lag and to make sure we don’t wake anybody else, we went out and slightly close the door behind us. By the time she got bored, we couldn’t open the door to get back in anymore. Panic!! We had to knock like crazy and luckily, got the hubby to open up for us. He had a hard time opening the balcony door as well. So be careful getting out in the balcony.

I got to soak in the tub before we left and it was very relaxing. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas provides really nice toiletries. I wish they provided bath salts and a TV in the bathroom like other hotel suites. I did like the layout of the bathroom though.

Would I stay at Cosmopilitan again? Yes! I love staying out in the balcony and the bed & pillows were really so comfy. Looking forward to our next trip to Vegas. Maybe next week?!? LOL!




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