Whale Watching Discount Tickets: Southern California Locations

Whale Watching Discount Tickets for various Southern California Locations are available now. Some Whale Watching Groupon deals have also been further discounted so take advantage of the deal as this time of the year, gray whale sightings are predominant as a result of their migration. Increased sightings of humpback whales have also been documented. Sightings of orcas, fin whales, minke whales, dolphins, and other animals have also been recorded in recent months.

Dana Point Whale Watching Discount Tickets with Dana Wharf Boats

Full price $45, Dana Wharf Boats Discount Tickets – COMP – $11.75, check HERE

The waters off Dana Point are a whale- and dolphin-watching haven. During this two-hour voyage, your captain will keep you entertained with interesting facts and anecdotes as you scout out whales (gray or blue, depending on the season), three different types of dolphin, sea lions and more. Dana Wharf, the originator of whale watching in Orange County, has an 85 percent success rate at spotting marine mammals. If you don’t see one, you’ll ride again for free.

Newport Beach Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruise Discount Tickets with Newport Landing Cruises

Full Price $30 – 36, Newport Landing Cruises Discount Tickets $7-12, Check HERE

On this 2.5-hour cruise off the shores of Newport Beach, you may see giant blue whales during the summer and fall months or the annual grey whale migration that brings tens of thousands of grey whales along the coast during the winter and spring months. Huge pods of several species of dolphin are very common, as are the resident sea lions. You might also catch glimpses of seals, killer whales, sharks, and many other marine creatures. An added plus is the picturesque coastal backdrops of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.

Newport Beach Whale Watching Discount Tickets with Newport Coastal Adventure

Full Price $56.50 – $72.50, Newport Coastal Adventure Discount Tickets $48 – $55, Check HERE

Small and fast, the Shearwater is a new boat specially designed for whale watching. Low to the water and with an open design, the boat offers 360-degree views so close you can almost reach out and touch the dolphins! And with only small group tours, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sights as you cruise over the underwater canyons, which are a superhighway for multiple kinds of whales and dolphins. As an added bonus, onboard flatscreen TVs display live drone images for a unique supplemental view of the animals.

Newport Beach Whale Watching Discount Tickets with Davey’s Locker Tours

  • Davey’s Locker Tours Discount Tickets – FREE – $12, check HERE

Get up close and personal with an incredible array of marine life on this 2.5-hour whale and dolphin-watching cruise from Davey’s Locker. You’ll cast off from picturesque Newport Beach, home to one of the most beautiful coastlines in Southern California, and enjoy a whale-watching trip where each voyage is a unique experience with views of a variety of marine life. During grey whale migration season, cruises regularly run into 5 or more whales on a trip. You might also see dolphins (including megapods of 500 or more), a sea lion colony, finback whales, minke whales, and humpback whales. The ship features a large upstairs sun deck, a snack bar with food and beverages available for purchase, wraparound outdoor seating and indoor seating with large windows.

Long Beach Whale Watching Discount Tickets with Harbor Breeze Cruises

  • Full Price $45, Harbor Breeze Cruises Discount Tickets $22.50, check HERE

Harbor Breeze’s Whale Watching Cruise is your chance to channel your inner Jacques Cousteau and create some lifelong memories. And since one of the country’s best aquariums is right next door, you’re in good hands on this seafaring adventure. An educator from the Aquarium of the Pacific will guide you as you marvel at gray or blue whales (depending on the season), plus others majestic creatures, like the distinctive humpback, killer whales and several kinds of dolphins. Tour time is approximately 2 hours long.

Oceanside Whale Watching Discount Tickets with Oceanside Adventures

Full Price $39, Oceanside Adventures Discount Tickets $19.50, check HERE

See if you can spot Gray Whales migrating down to Baja California on an Oceanside Whale and Dolphin Tour. Each year these magnificent creatures pass by Oceanside on their way south to breed, and riding aboard a luxury catamaran is one of the best ways to see them. While aboard you might also catch a glimpse of dolphins or other whales, and any sightings will be pointed out and narrated by an expert captain, who is also a certified naturalist. And even if the whales aren’t being cooperative, you can enjoy fabulous ocean views as you cruise along on the comfortable boat, taking advantage of the covered and open-air seating areas during the scenic two-hour journey.

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. Whale Watching coupon not required to avail of discounts. Whale photo by Harbor Breeze.

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