Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Show Experience

We went to take my daughter and my parents from out of town to the Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream ice skating show in Long Beach Arena last week.

My daughter is now into Disney Princess. If I put on a dress, she would come up to me and say.. Princess! So Imagine when she puts on her dress, she looks at the mirror and thinks she transformed into a princess. That at 2.5 years old.

We were lucky to get a discount mailer which entitled us to a discounted price of $12 per ticket on opening night. So it all costs less than $100 for the five of us. Only infants under 1 are free.

We’ve never seen a show at Long Beach Arena, it was the closest to us so we pick that venue. And we actually really like it there except for the long lines in the women’s bathroom of course. There were tons of parking, getting in was easy and our seats were perfect. We’re at the lower box so we can see everything. And the elevation of the seats were good that it’s not the head of the person in front of you that you’ll be watching the whole night. The seats were a lil worn out being the place is old. But it’s all good. Better view beats better seats from newer arenas. But I did warn you of toilet queue.

The show started with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. I actually thought we’re only going to see the Prince and Princesses that night. The main Disney characters would introduce every story. And 3 were presented. Namely Princess and the Frog, Cinderella and lastly Rapunzel.

I haven’t seen all the latest one so it got me worried when they started with Princess Fiona and Prince Naveen. I honestly got kinda bored with this part of the show. And worried I drag 4 other people with me who might not enjoy the show. I thought it was a little long.

Then Cinderella came out next. And It was better. Who doesn’t want a Cinderella story complete with glass slippers and the evil twin sisters.

Intermission came half way through Cinderella. Who wants to line up at the restroom again? Not me. Haha. They were also selling popcorn and snow cones that are in Disney tumblers worth at least $20 and lots of other fun stuff with the Disney trademark.

After intermission, Cinderella resumed with her carriage. Then save the best for last, Tangled. I think a lot of the effects went to Princess Rapunzel’s story, being the latest one by Disney. A lot of the kids were actually dress up as Rapunzel that night.

I love that she went up in the air with her Prince holding on to this draped down sheets of fabric. This was the highlight of the entire show for me.

It’s also amazing how two people can skate inside a horse. That’s not an easy feat. Coz I can’t even ice skate without my behind hitting the ice hard enough. Haha.

After the 3 princesses found their happily ever after. Mickey and Minnie came out and followed by the other princesses and their handsome prince like Snow White, Aurora, Mulan, Belle, Fiona, Cinderella, Jasmine and Rapunzel. I don’t remember seeing Pocahontas. But it was hard to tell which is which because they all dress in the same colored gown, which although was very beautiful, it was hard to distinguish the princesses unlike if they just wore their original outfit. They dance.. Or shall i say they ice skated. Then a lil fireworks by the castle backdrop erupted to end the show.

My daughter danced, twirled, and even kick one of her feet up as if she was ice skating too. So I did watch two shows that night. One from Disney on Ice and one from my daughter. Haha. I’m looking forward to more Disney on Ice shows and cruising with the Disney gang on a Disney Cruise. Hopefully soon. For now, it’s make believe ice skating for my daughter on the carpet floor.