Disney on Ice Frozen Review: a Frozen Live Musical in Ice Skates

Whether you’ve seen the movie Frozen or not, you’re gonna love Disney on Ice Frozen. But wait, who hasn’t seen Frozen? Or heard “Let it go” over and over again?

We were invited to see Disney on Ice Frozen at Staples Center last Thursday night and you’d want to catch them as they bring the movie to life in LA, Long Beach, Anaheim, and Ontario.  Check out our Disney on ice Frozen Review below as well as all the pictures from the show.


You’ll see Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, Sven, and even the trolls as they ice skate to tell the story of Frozen. Compared to the other Disney on Ice shows, Disney Frozen is 90% about the movie Frozen. You’d still see the other Disney Princesses with their Prince, as well as Mickey and Minnie but only in the beginning for the most part.


I honestly thought the Frozen performance will only be 1/3 of the entire show. Typically Disney on Ice would tell the tale of different Disney Princesses. I’m glad it really stayed with the title Disney on Ice Frozen and they pretty much made the whole movie live in an ice skating performance. It’s like watching a live musical but even better coz’ they are ice skating too.



We were seated on the fourth row at Staples Center and I’d say it’s the way to go. You really get to see the characters clearly. But I would suggest getting the seats opposite where the characters come out from so you can view everything. We were near where they enter the ice and with the huge props, sometimes we can’t see them, like Elsa during her coronation.

It wouldn’t be bringing tone show to life without adding snow falling at Staples Center. How cool is that? I also love the costumes and at one point they also showed Anna’s dress froze when she fell in the icy water.

All the kids got really loud when Olaf came out. And true to the story, he got chopped up in 3 at Disney on Ice Frozen.
You’re gonna love the giant snowman, he was an inflatable and slowly became big just like in the movie. They really thought of everything to bring the movie to life in Disney on Ice Frozen.

I found Elsa’s performance to be very powerful as she ice skated while singing “Let it Go”. While our eldest loved the “In Summer” part of Disney on Ice Frozen where it turned very colorful as other ice skaters in colorful costumes came out to narrate it with Olaf.


You’d be able to hear all your favorite Frozen songs and even see the trolls (which was kinda creepy, LOL).

Make sure to see Disney on Ice Frozen in your city. 

You also get to purchase Disney on Ice Frozen merchandise and food before, during intermission and after the show.

I wasn’t able to time how long Disney on Ice Frozen was, but I believe it was 2 hours long. It didn’t have any boring parts, our toddler was able to sit through the whole thing and was actually all glued to the show. She does love Frozen though so that may be the reason.


Hope you get to see the show with your kids. Overall, Disney on Ice Frozen and Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic are my two favorite Disney on Ice shows, and I think we’ve seen them all to date so it’s really a must see.

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  1. I dont think I have seen anything 'on ice' . Not that we dont have ice I m in the Midwest buy am in a smaller town. I would love to see this, the pictures you took are wonderful!

    ellen beck

  2. Thanks for the review. My son would be upset that he's going to this, but eventually he'd have fun. My daughter on the other hand would lose her mind.

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