Fiesta Hermosa: Fun Times at Hermosa Beach

Round 2!!! We just came from a tour of the USS Iowa. We headed to Hermosa Beach for the second activity we have planned for the whole 3 day weekend. It was already noon and the place is already packed!

We attend the event almost yearly and there were more vendors this time. Lots of shopping. Hats, clothes, jewelry, a foldable flip flop. Yes, foldable flip flops. Arts and crafts. Baked goods. You name it. They have it there.

Head closer to the pier and the band was already setting up the stage while all the bars and restos are also packed with people. As if the whole South Bay was there.

There’s a beach volleyball game going on, beachgoers getting a tan, bikes zipping here and there and where did we end up? The carnival rides. After the petting zoo of course.

 Fiesta Hermosa is for everyone. The kids and the adults. The single and the married with children(fingers pointing at us.) Our daughter rode the swing twice. Rides were 3-4 tickets each. A dollar per ticket or less if you buy in bulk. The pony rides were $7. We were in an event last weekend where it was free. So no pony rides this time.

And then you can smell the food. Sausages, roasted corn, kettle popcorn, strawberry kabobs, chocolate drizzled cheesecake and more. If you didn’t get to go, where were you? There was also an enclosed area where they have a beer garden.

After some food, some shopping, some rides, and some tan. We were done for the day. Today is the last day if you miss out of the first two days. And the question is, will I go back for some strawberry kabob?

Enjoy the long weekend. Let us know where you went.