Finding Dory Party Ideas + Free Printable Finding Dory Party Favor Tags

We just recently finished a Finding Dory party for big sis’ and I’d like to share some Finding Dory Party Ideas with you plus a Free Printable Finding Dory Favor Tag and more.

We did a Finding Dory Swimming Party and everyone had a blast. It’s the perfect birthday party theme now it’s getting warmer. Check out all our Finding Dory Party Ideas below.



We put up this very long Finding Dory Birthday Banner on top of our Finding Dory Dessert Table. It came with number stickers so you can add your child’s age into the banner.

I then added this yellow Finding Dory favor bags as containers for the Finding Dory Piñata candies. I also made a Finding Dory Free Printable Favor Tag to go with them that if you remember from the Finding Dory movie, they put on a transfer tag on Dory with the number 3181.

Print the Finding Dory Free Printable Transfer Tag and cut around it and place in on your favor bags.

I could have filled the bags with this value pack of various Finding Dory favors but since we have bigger kids as guests I bought swim noodles instead. Pretended they were Hank’s tentacles and placed a favor tag to it.

I also bought this white pails and put each kids name on it to copy the part of the Finding Dory movie where they were bringing a pail of food to Destiny. So for our Finding Dory Party, the kids put in various Finding Dory snacks including Finding Dory cereal and Finding Dory graham crackers. They snack on them after a long swim in the pool and in between their real meal.

I used a clear scalloped container for the snacks, 1 Finding Dory cereal box filled the large clear container and the Finding Dory graham crackers filled the medium container. I’ve used these containers in our previous Frozen themed birthday, so it’s good to have them for parties.

Can you find Dory and Nemo in the cereal? Pretty neat huh?

Our Finding Dory Piñata, Finding Dory Kickboard and Arm Float and swim goggles (not pictured) to make our Finding Dory Swimming Party even more fun.

I also made a Finding Dory Balloon Tower, it was supposed to be an arch going on top of the dessert table but my hand pump broke down. Getting a compressor for our next party for sure. You can check out my Balloon Tower Tutorial from our Minion Party. I used a Royal Blue Balloon (Dory), Orange Balloon (Nemo), and Yellow Long Balloon (Dory) for this one. A Balloon Hand Pump will do if you won’t do a lot of balloon decor but I’m getting this Electric Balloon Pump today to try it out.

Instead of getting a cake, I ordered 2 dozen cupcakes instead since I’m addicted to this cupcake place near us and topped it with a Finding Dory Birthday Candle, Finding Dory Cupcake Topper by Wilton and a Happy Birthday Cake Banner and placed it on a 3-tier dessert server. Guests said it was actually better that I served cupcakes because everyone gets to try different flavors as compared to getting a cake.The cupcakes were: Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crunch, Tres Leches, Coconut and Oreo. Sounds good or what?

I also bought these Finding Dory Visors instead of party hats since the kids were out in the pool a lot.

I also posted some Finding Dory Free Printables like the one on top placed on the mini fridge were all our refreshments were.



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