Busy Bee’s Sloppy Good Sandwiches

Every now and then we’d trek to San Pedro just to get sandwiches from Busy Bee’s. It is one of the best sub sandwiches I’ve ever had. When you go to this hole in the wall sandwich place in the middle of a residential area. You’d think, what is this place doing here? Then you park and see the line extending outside, then you get curious, what’s with all the buzz?

The buzz is that Busy Bee’s is your source for sloppy comfort food in the form of a sub. My favorite is the pastrami and the roast pork sandwich. It’s a big sub, the hubby and I actually had to split it in two. Just talking about it now, makes me wanna go back to get more.

The place does not have seating. You just go in, order your meat of choice. Maybe grab some chips and a drink, they have a wide array of it. Pay up and go.

We would eat it at the Korean Bell for a picnic overlooking the Pacific Ocean and kite flying with the kiddo.

Give it a try if you’ve never had it. They also have Belly Buster which is a choice of two meats. But I find the ratio of meat to my bread overwhelming. I like a good balance. So I’ll stick to one meat next time. Pastrami.. Pastrami.. I think you’re calling me. I’ll see you again this weekend. Grab some napkins, it can get sloppy like that.

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