Foodie Friday: Tofu Soup & Bibimbap

When I feel like I haven’t been eating healthy. I head out to Cho Dang Tofu House to get some Bibimbap. This small restaurant in Torrance is always pack. I highly recommend this place even if their menu merely consists of 2-3 pages.

Their Bibimbap has spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, seaweed, beef, and fried egg on top. I’ve made this a few times at home. Or those months when I feel the need to lose weight. LOL. It’s healthy eating without filling deprived.The hubby always orders the piping hot Tofu Soup while my daughter scarfs down the seaweed. Everyone we’ve brought here has loved the food.

And my love for small plates goes beyond Chinese Dimsum and Spanish Tapas. Banchan anyone?

Have a fun Friday, everyone. Hope you’re eating something healthy. If not, at least something yummy? Or both!

Cho Dang Tofu House is located in 22549 Hawthorne Blvd  Torrance, CA 90505