Hello Kitty Con: Things to Love at Hello Kitty Convention Part 1

I had the best night ever at the Hello Kitty Con yesterday. This is the first-ever Hello Kitty Con created to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary in Los Angeles. For those who couldn’t visit this year, let me share my Hello Kitty Con experience with a list of 20 Things to Love at the Hello Kitty Con. It also includes some tips for those who are visiting in the next few days.<

In no particular order, here are 20 Things to Love at the Hello Kitty Con:

1. Free Hello Kitty Tattoo at Hello Kitty Ink

It’s free, it’s Hello Kitty, it’s awesome. Head over to Hello Kitty Ink once you get inside Hello Kitty Con to make sure you get a slot. I really wanted one, but I wasn’t ready for it. So they gave me a sheet of temporary ones. Check below for your tattoo of choice.


2. Free Artwork & Nail Art at Hello Kitty Art School

Yuko Yamaguchi, Hello Kitty’s head designer flew in from Japan with other Sanrio Tokyo designers to create FREE personalized drawings and for a picture opp. Some are even doing nail art. Check the schedule below for those attending the convention.


3. Hello Kitty Con Exclusive Products
There was a number of Hello Kitty Con Exclusive Products. My favorite includes the School Bus Hello Kitty Luggage($40) and the charm necklace for a whopping $175(one per person only). You can also get a replica coin purse for $8. I brought home a long Hello Kitty necklace.

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4. Hello Kitty Hoodie – Limited Edition

You can get a limited edition Hello Kitty Hoodie for $60. They only made 1200 of them. Really adorable.

5. Hello Kitty Spam Masubi Mold

For only $10. Get the limited edition Hello Kitty Mold Masubi Kit.

6. Hello Kitty House Exhibit

They made a big home cut into half so you can see the inside all decked out in Hello Kitty items. There’s a Hello Kitty Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room & Bedroom. It’s enough to make you head home and start a collection. It was very inspiring.

7. HelloKittyCon Food Truck

There’s a Hello Kitty Food Truck selling Hello Kitty Donuts, Macarons, Water Bottle & more. The food is adorable and so is the van. I wanted to drive it home. Hmm, I wonder if I can have my mommy van look like a Hello Kitty Van like this one? What do you guys think?

8. Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

For sure you’ll be headed to the restrooms while you’re there. A Hello Kitty toilet paper is waiting for you. The angel in me decided not to take it home. Lol.

9. Hello Kitty Con Pop-ups

There’s a Hello Kitty Giant Tea Cup, Hello Kitty Giant Slippers, and lots of pop-ups to take pictures with. Some backgrounds even let you email the pictures to yourself. It’s a lot of fun for all Hello Kitty fans.

10. Hello Kitty Pictures by Beats

You can have your pictures at the Hello Kitty Con printed as well. Beats by Dre has a booth and they are doing it for free. Just post your pictures with hashtag #HelloKittyCon on Instagram and you can head to their booth and they’ll print it for you. One print per person.

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