Hello Kitty Con Vintage Village: Exhibit of Vintage Hello Kitty Products

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!!! It’s been a fun week just seeing all your pictures swamped social media because of the Hello Kitty Con. And I myself, is not over you. I’d like to pay homage by putting up Hello Kitty Con pictures of the Vintage Village. Check out that cute house below:

Lots of work went into creating the first-ever Hello Kitty Convention. It’s a feast for the eyes when you’re in there. And while I’ve noticed the Hello Kitty toilet paper in the restrooms. There was a lot of stuff I wasn’t able to take in, I was pressed for time, to think I was there for 5 hours during the media preview. Well, maybe 4, 1 hour went into the after-party. Lol.

With that said, it’s nice to go back to all the pictures I took from the Hello Kitty Con so I can go through all the Hello Kitty toys and work Sanrio has done in all those 40 years.

Hope you continue to stay strong. It did show how many fans you have though. The Geffen was packed with all the Hello Kitty fans from Los Angeles alone.

I’d like to see a Hello Kitty Cafe in Los Angeles in the near future. Some Hello Kitty latte would be nice right now. And a trip to Paris on the Hello Kitty Airline through Eva Air is now on my bucket list.

We had so much fun at the Hello Kitty Con. We hope they’ll bring another one next year. And for those who missed it. Watch out for our announcement on the dates for Hello Kitty Friendship Festival, it’s gonna happen in various cities next year. ‘Til our next adventure guys!


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disclosure: we were invited to the Hello Kitty Con Media Preview. Pictures and thoughts are my own.