I Heart Firefly Tapas: Must Try Tapas Place in Las Vegas

I love tapas. If I can live in another country for its food, I might choose Spain. Imagine eating tapas, paella, and churro all the time partnered with a siesta and some occasional drinks of Sangria. What’s a Spanish word for “divine”? Haha!

One of the Tapas place we frequent is all the way in Las Vegas called Firefly Tapas. And speaking of flies. The original tapas were actually the slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips to prevent fruit flies from hovering over their sweet sherry.

My drink of choice at Firefly Tapas? White Sangria! They actually have a red and a sparkling one too. But I favor the white Sangria between the three.

A must order at Firefly Tapas are the stuffed dates. There’s an almond inside the date. They are wrapped in bacon then drizzled with red wine reduction and topped with some bleu cheese. I wanna eat this all day.

We liked everything we ordered but do change it up every time we visit.

Oh and by the way, the hubby and I both agree that their fries is the best fries we’ve ever tasted in our life. Who orders fries at a tapas place right? Good thing we ordered it. It has the right amount of salt and just perfectly crisp.

I also love the almond butter that comes with their complimentary baguette.

And their Gambas al Ajillo is generous in size as compared to other tapas places we’ve tried. Although I wish the garlic was toasted.

We tried the fresh garbanzo and didn’t like it though. And the Nutella Dessert which we always order at their Paradise Branch was not that great here at the Sahara branch. There was too much mashed banana inside the toasted bread and a tad bit overripe.


But all in all, we still enjoyed our dinner. I think I might have my birthday next year in Vegas and have it a Firefly! Who wants to go?

The Firefly Tapas Paradise branch is closer to the Vegas strip. The Sahara branch is very far but it was interesting seeing the rest of Vegas to be bigger than just the strip, so it’s still worth the drive. Just don’t drink and drive.

It’s also pretty crowded during the weekend and always has a queue, so we went on a week night and had a more relaxing Tapas night.



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