Knott’s Fire and Law Tribute Days 2020: Free Tickets

Knott’s Fire and Law 2020 Tribute Days is on January 6 to 24, 2020. During these days, eligible Fire and Law Enforcement Personnel will receive complimentary admission to Knotts Berry Farm for themselves and one guest. 

Knott’s Fire and Law Tribute Days is for active, full-time fire and law enforcement personnel, including EMTs, may receive complimentary admission for themselves and 1 guest (maximum of 2 complimentary admissions will be issued) during Knott’s fire and law enforcement appreciation days. Show your specific fire or law enforcement photo I.D. card at the Knott’s Berry Farm main gate to redeem this offer. A complete listing of eligible professions can be found below. 

Up to 6 additional admission tickets may be purchased at the ticket booths by the valid I.D. holder at a first responder discount rate of $48 each when visiting from Dec. 2-19, 2019, and $42 each when visiting from Jan. 6-24, 2020.

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A complete listing of eligible professions can be found below.

free tickets to knott's berry farm



The following ARE ELIGIBLE, provided they have fire or law enforcement ID:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Animal Control Officers
  • ATF Agents
  • Bailiffs 
  • California Dept. Of Forestry
  • California Highway Patrol Officers
  • City, County, State and Federal Police (sworn officers and civilian employees/support staff)
  • City, County, State and Federal Fire (sworn officers and civilian employees/ support staff)
  • Correctional Officers
  • County Sheriff Officers
  • Dispatchers
  • Department of the Youth Authority
  • District Attorney’s (ID referencing DA’s office – i.e. Paralegal)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • FBI Agents
  • Fire Explorers
  • Homeland Security
    • HSI Agents
    • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
    • Citizenship & Immigration
    • Immigration Customs Enforcement
    • Secret Service
    • FEMA
    • TSA
  • Police Explorers
  • Peace Officers
  • Probation Officers
  • Reserve/volunteer Fire/Law employees with a valid ID
  • Sheriff’s
  • U.S. Forest Service Personnel
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Wildland Firefighters

Photo ID is absolutely required and must specifically reference Fire or Law Enforcement duty.


The following are NOT ELIGIBLE for this promotion:

  • American Red Cross Employees or volunteers
  • Nurses
  • Employees with government- ONLY ID (not specifically referring to fire or law enforcement agency) 
  • California Conservation Corps
  • Private ambulance companies – Administrative employees
  • Private law office employees
  • Private security firms/offices
  • Reserve or volunteer fire or law enforcement without valid photo ID
  • Retired Fire and Police
  • US Armed Forces Military Police

County social services employees do not qualify for this promotion. 

Non-U.S. Fire and Law Enforcement Personnel do not qualify for this promotion


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