Learning through Play with Lakeshore Learning Toys

I can officially say that my favorite toy store is Lakeshore Learning. I filter the kids’ toy room every so often (it’s bursting to the seams) and found that the ones I really want to keep are the ones from Lakeshore. They are not only educational but are also well made and unique – the kids don’t get tired of them as well. The 3 new toys we received from Lakeshore this month are no exception and I’m happy to share that I’ll be doing a giveaway to one of our lucky readers. Check out why we love the 3 new Lakeshore Learning toys below.

Lakeshore Learning Toys


We opened this toy first. It’s great for our youngest who doesn’t know her letters yet. You get to dig for letters placed on beads using a tweezer and match the letters to the activity cards. They are great in building letter recognition and fine motor skills. I wouldn’t suggest this toy for anyone who have babies and really young kids who loves putting everything in their mouth. If you have a preschooler trying to get ready for kinder – this is great! It came with 2 tweezers so at least my girls didn’t have to fight over who goes first as they were really excited to play with it.

I also wish to add that toys from Lakeshore are in really nice packaging. They are of durable boxes so it’s easier for us to pack and store after they are done playing for the day.

Lakeshore Learning Toys



Instead of getting a basin and filling it with water, we brought this toy to the tub and let the kids play while they took a bath. These water blocks are made of foam so they float and they also stick together when they get wet so the girls got to use their imagination to build anything they want with it, mostly buildings or homes. It enabled them to explore problem solving as they try to balance the foam as it floated in the tub – I saw them trying to be still. It was a cause and effect type of toy.

It came with one platform and 29 different blocks. It also came with a mesh storage bag so I asked them to pack it up and I hang it up to dry after they are done playing.

Lakeshore Learning



I’ve seen quite a number of magnetic toys but they are mostly flat. This is the first time we’ve got our hands on magnetic blocks and they are see-though. Both my girls played with this a lot. They made robots, buildings, castles, homes, animals, you name it! It came with a sample picture so your kid/s can also copy a few of them or go wild with their imagination. There are 24 cubes  (4 each of 6 colors) and 12 triangular prsims (2 each of 6 colors). The blocks has magnets on all sides for a no-fail connection whichever way you put them together.

Lakeshore Learning


Check Lakeshore Learning for more educational toys!


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3 thoughts on “Learning through Play with Lakeshore Learning Toys”

  1. All of these toys look really fun and educational! I loved playing with blocks when I was little and had tons of tub toys, so I think the foam blocks would have been my favorite. But the magnetic blocks look coolest to me now!

  2. They have a lot of the best toys for learning. I love the idea of hands-on learning and getting to play so these two things come together with these toys and that is fantastic! My daughter has had lots of fun for years with a lot of their stuff, I still have these picture frames I got to display artwork on my wall from when my daughter was a toddler, they rock!

  3. What awesome toys! My kids always loved learning toys more than any others. Granted with some thought we can turn any toy in to a learning activity but these are made so kids learn naturally and moms do not have to use effort!

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