Ultimate Guide: LEGOLAND California Tips for 2024

Gather your little builders for a thrilling day or two at LEGOLAND California! Situated in Carlsbad, LEGOLAND California Resort features not only a theme park but also a water park, an aquarium, and two on-site LEGO-themed hotels. To ensure your visit is as enjoyable, budget-friendly, and seamless as possible, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of LEGOLAND California tips and tricks, secrets, hacks, and insider recommendations. Let’s make your trip unforgettable!

Legoland California Tips


1. Planning Tips: Choose the Best Time to Visit to Legoland California

The best time to visit LEGOLAND California is when schools are in session and just before Spring Break, generally from late August to late February, excluding holidays or days close to major holidays, as you’ll experience fewer crowds and shorter lines at the rides. While LEGOLAND is never as crowded as Disneyland, it’s still busiest during the summertime and the holidays.

If possible, visit during weekdays, between Tuesdays to Thursdays, because these are the quietest days to visit LEGOLAND and not only will there be less crowd, hotel rates would also be cheaper. However, it’s important to note that on certain weekdays, the park may have shorter operating hours, often closing at 5 PM and certain days are closed as well.

If you want to experience more activities and entertainment though, it’s also a great time to visit LEGOLAND when the waterpark is open for the season or when there’s an event like Halloween Brick or Treat as you get to experience more fun activities. Furthermore, visiting when there’s a new ride or section can offer a fresh and exciting experience for both frequent visitors and first-timers alike.

Legoland California Event Brick or Treat during Halloween Time

2. Budget Tips: Buy Discounted LEGOLAND California Tickets Online

One of my most important LEGOLAND California tips is to buy discounted Legoland tickets online versus paying full price at the gate to help you same time and money. LEGOLAND California has 3 types of admission tickets – LEGOLAND ticket (theme park only), LEGOLAND Hopper Ticket (theme park + Sea Life Aquarium), and LEGOLAND Resort Hopper (theme park + aquarium + water park). Here are some of the best LEGOLAND ticket deals for 2024:

Refer to our Guide – LEGOLAND California discount tickets for the most up-to-date list of ticket discounts for LEGOLAND for 2024.

Usually, October is considered to be the cheapest time to visit Legoland because kids can enter for free during the San Diego Kids Go FREE promotion but we have the scoop on Legoland Buy One Get One Free Ticket that not many people know about and if that offer expires, you have the Legoland California Kids Go Free ticket which is a Legoland 2 for 1 offer. With both offers, you no longer have to wait for October.

If you wish to visit for 2 days, a LEGOLAND 2nd Day Free offer is available on SeaLife Hopper Ticket (Legoland Theme Park + Aquarium) and Resort Hopper Ticket (Legoland Theme Park + Water Park + Aquarium).

Offer Currently Unavailable – If you wish to visit multiple times a year or plan to stay for 3 days in 1 visit then the Legoland Annual Pass Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer (Platinum Pass) is such a good deal already since it comes with free parking, discount on dining and retail, discount on hotel stay, and more. It’s a limited-time offer so make sure to take advantage of it.

Please just be aware that LEGOLAND requires reservation when visiting the park. If your ticket is dated, you don’t have to do anything. If you bought undated tickets from 3rd party ticket sellers or you’re an annual pass holder, you would need to reserve online.

Saving money on tickets alone already makes for a good trip to Legoland before you even get there. You can then spend those extra savings towards food and LEGO sets at The Big Shop inside the theme park instead.

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Legoland California Miniland USA LEGO Star Wars

3. Be Aware of Operating Hours and Non-Operating Days

For first-time visitors planning their trip to LEGOLAND California, it’s crucial to be mindful of LEGOLAND’s operating hours before booking any of the 2 on-site Legoland Hotels or planning a San Diego Getaway since LEGOLAND resort has a theme park, a water park, and a Sea Life Aquarium that has varying hours.

The theme park closes on select Wednesdays and typically shuts down earlier on weekdays. Additionally, the water park is located inside the theme park with a separate gate but operates only on specific days from mid-March to October. To ensure you maximize your visit, always double-check the operating hours beforehand.

4. Pro Tips: Arrive Early

Each morning, a child is randomly chosen by Legoland’s opening team to help their costume character open the gates to LEGOLAND California! So, if you can arrive early, it would be a cool opportunity for the kids and a photo opportunity for the parents. We have yet to experience this and I look forward to arriving very early on our next trip for it.

Entrance to LEGOLAND California in between Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel
The pathway from parking to Legoland Entrance with Legoland Hotel on the right & Legoland Castle Hotel on the left.

But the most important part about arriving at LEGOLAND California early is it sets the tone for a seamless and enjoyable day at LEGOLAND. By beating the rush, you can skip the long wait at the parking toll (it was bad last time) and secure a prime parking spot, saving time and hassle.

The parking lot at LEGOLAND California is on a slight incline so the more late you are, the harder the trek up from the parking to the entrance. It’s not like climbing a hill but I can feel it before I even start our day at LEGOLAND theme park, which is also not flat.

Being among the first in the park also means you can hop on popular rides before the lines start to form. Two of the most popular rides at Legoland California are Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride and LEGO Ninjago The Ride so when we’re early, we get to ride both almost immediately and sometimes twice.

Additionally, arriving early allows us to schedule our lunch before the actual lunch rush, which means we can get our food faster, the dining area is not yet packed, and we get to have a more relaxed dining experience. And when we’re done eating, that’s when most are about to have their lunch so there’s less line in the rides once again for us.

5. Skip the Preferred Parking & Pre-Pay Parking Online

As of 2024, parking at LEGOLAND costs $30 for 1-day General Parking and $35 for 1-Day Preferred Parking. Given the proximity of LEGOLAND’s parking to the park’s entrance, I would recommend simply opting for general parking especially if you arrived early unless you prefer the added convenience of preferred parking, which comes with just a $5 extra charge.

I would also advise everyone to pre-pay for their LEGOLAND parking pass in advance via the park’s website. It not only saves you some extra dollars compared to paying at the park, but it also saves you time when going through the parking toll gate.

6. Book your Stay at Legoland Hotel Early & Save with Packages

We’re huge fans of staying at LEGOLAND Hotel, whether it’s the original Legoland Hotel or the newer Castle Hotel. Both hotels are steps away from LEGOLAND California, enabling us to easily return for a quick nap or shower after being at the water park. It’s literally just steps away from the gate, making it incredibly convenient. Plus, it includes free parking, free breakfast buffet, and early access to LEGOLAND.

Legoland Hotel Tips - Book the Room Early
Bunkbed at Legoland Hotel Room

However, booking a room can be a challenge if you book last minute as it’s often fully booked. So as much as possible, book LEGOLAND Hotel early to secure not only a room but also to have the chance to pick the theme of the room and which hotel you want to stay at as there are two. If you can’t decide which LEGOLAND Hotel to choose, read LEGOLAND Hotel VS. LEGOLAND Castle Hotel as we detailed the differences between both hotels to answer your question – which Legoland Hotel is Better?

Part of my money-saving tip for LEGOLAND is to also consider the vacation packages being offered by LEGOLAND to save on hotel stays and tickets.

7. Insider Tips: Consider the Hotels with Access to Legoland’s Back Entrance

My insider tip for LEGOLAND California, if you can’t book a room at LEGOLAND Hotel, is to stay at the hotel with access to LEGOLAND’s private entrance. During one of our visits, we stayed at Sheraton Carlsbad, which provided easy access to the park via the back entrance. This back entrance led directly to the Hideaway – a large wooden play structure located at LEGOLAND’s Castle Hill area. Well, that and my favorite Apple Fries!

If you can’t book any of the hotels near Legoland, check if your hotel provide a free shuttle service to Legoland so you can avoid having to pay the parking fee.

8. Shop at LEGOLAND without paying entrance fee

Here’s a LEGOLAND California secret not everyone has heard about – entering the park for free just to shop! LEGOLAND California’s The Big Shop has the biggest selection of LEGO products on the West Coast. If you want to visit LEGOLAND solely for a LEGO shopping spree, you can obtain a Shopper’s Pass and get reimbursed for parking and entrance fees as long as you adhere to the Shopper’s Pass conditions.

Tips for Visiting Legoland California
The Big Shop where you can buy LEGO’s and souvenirs

To obtain a LEGOLAND Shopper’s Pass, you initially pay for parking. Following this, you can request the Shopper’s Pass either at the ticket booth or the Guest Service window outside but you would need to purchase a full-price 1-day LEGOLAND-only ticket. Once you’ve acquired your pass, you may then spend up to 1 hour in the Park and must spend $25 in retail items and show receipt of purchase, in order to receive a full refund on your ticket purchase after you exit. Your tickets and parking, with receipt, can only be refunded at the outside Guest Services window and must show that it was scanned at the turnstile within the past 60 minutes.

Please note that is not available during special events such as Brick-or-Treat Party Nights, which occur on Saturdays in October. Also, The Big Shop (the big LEGO retail store inside LEGOLAND CA) is not open for Shoppers Pass guests on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the Park is closed.

9. Bring a Credit Card or Debit Card

LEGOLAND operates on a cashless system, which means that only credit or debit cards are accepted throughout the theme park, water park, aquarium, and hotels. To ensure fast transactions, I highly recommend bringing a credit or debit card with you when visiting LEGOLAND.

First Timers Guide to Legoland California
Lego Keychains for Sale

However, in case you prefer to use cash, especially for international tourists visiting LEGOLAND, you can utilize the Cash-to-Card Kiosks conveniently located within the Resort.

These kiosks allow you to effortlessly convert your cash into a prepaid card that functions like a VISA card anywhere within the Resort. No personal information is required, and there are no fees associated with obtaining or using the prepaid cards. They can be loaded with any denomination ranging from $1 to $500.

LEGOLAND California Cash-to-Card kiosks locations:

  • LEGOLAND Hotel lobby
  • Outside the Main Gate Exit in the Beginning
  • In Castle Hill near Knights’ Smokehouse BBQ restrooms
  • Outside Brick Brothers’ Retail Shop, near Adventures Club

Legoland Ride for Toddlers

10. Download the Legoland Mobile App in Advance

For first-time visitors to LEGOLAND California, having the LEGOLAND mobile app helps guide you through the park. Download it in advance to familiarize yourself with its features and plan your visit more effectively. The app provides guests with:

  • LEGOLAND Resort Map – to help you navigate around the park should you get lost
  • Ride Wait Times
  • Shows Times & Entertainment Schedule
  • Dining Options & Operating Times
  • Character Meet & Greet Schedule and Location
  • Restroom Location
  • Water Bottle Refill Station
  • Shop Locations
  • First Aid Locations
  • Baby Care Center location
  • Lost & Found location
  • Locker Locations
  • Cash-to-Card Location
  • Guest Services
  • and so much more

The LEGOLAND app is also useful in filtering the rides by height, age, and type of ride so your child doesn’t end up lining up at a particular ride only to be told they don’t fit the height requirement, costing you time.

You don’t need to keep checking the app for everything, but it is most useful when you need to use the restroom or you’re already hungry. The app will help you locate the nearest restroom alongside your location as well as the closest dining option at LEGOLAND.

11. Explore LEGOLAND California Clockwise or Counterclockwise

LEGOLAND California is designed like one giant loop with Miniland USA in the middle. If you’re a first-time visitor to LEGOLAND, decide whether you’ll turn right or left when you enter the theme park. From there, you can easily navigate around the giant loop to see all the rides and activities.

If you find yourself in the middle at Miniland USA, where various cities are recreated from millions of LEGO Bricks, take some time to explore before heading back to your starting point to complete the loop.

Miniland USA

If you wish to visit the newest area at LEGOLAND, you should turn left to explore The LEGO Movie World (opened in 2021) and Dino Valley which will open on March 22, 2024, converting the former Explorer Island to a new dinosaur-themed land.

12. LEGOLAND Hacks: Start in the Back

A smart strategy to avoid long lines at LEGOLAND is to begin your visit at the back of the park or in areas where it’s less crowded. Many visitors tend to head straight for the first ride they see upon entering, resulting in longer lines at the front of the park.

Legoland Rides

By starting at the back or in less populated areas, you can enjoy shorter wait times for attractions while others are still making their way through the park. This Legoland California tip allows you to maximize your time and experience more rides and attractions with minimal waiting.

13. Tips on Dining at LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California has a ton of dining options. Some are made to order while others are ready and all you have to do is choose. There’s also a pizza and pasta buffet.

My tip for dining at LEGOLAND California to help save you time is to eat at Knights Smokehouse BBQ where the food is already laid out, cafeteria-style, but still warm, and all you have to do is choose. The food is great there, love the briskets! If you dine at made-to-order restaurants like Everything is Ramen, it takes a long time to get your food especially if it’s busy.

Tips for dining at Legoland

I would also recommend, if possible, to eat before or after the lunch rush to not wait a long time for your food and to find seats easily.

Since we travel over 2 hours just to get to LEGOLAND, usually we’re ready to eat by the time we get there so we go on 2 rides and head straight to Knights Smokehouse BBQ. This way, we get to avoid the lunch crowd.

If you plan to visit LEGOLAND Water Park, I highly recommend grabbing a meal at the theme park beforehand or opting to purchase food from there instead of the water park. This suggestion arises from the limited dining options available at the LEGOLAND water park; during one of our visits, one of the options was closed, resulting in significant delays in getting our food.

14. Try the Apple Fries

The apple fries at LEGOLAND are an absolute must-have on every visit. Personally, I can’t get enough of them and make it a point to indulge in these delicious treats every time we’re there. But since it’s situated near our lunch spot at LEGOLAND and I’m feeling quite full after our meal, I would go back to them in the afternoon just before we leave the park. 2 orders, please!The apple fries at Legoland Florida are a little different, it’s served with ice cream! If you can’t decide on which LEGOLAND location to visit, check our post – LEGOLAND California VS. Florida to see the similarities and differences between the 2 parks. We have yet to visit the New York location.

Tips for Visiting Legoland - Try the Apple Fries

15. Check Ride Height Requirements

LEGOLAND California is geared towards kids ages 2 to 12 and while all the rides at LEGOLAND are designed for young kids their age, it’s important to be aware that certain rides have height restrictions, while others may have age requirements. Familiarize yourself with which rides your children can enjoy independently and which ones may require adult supervision or accompaniment.

Tips for Visiting Legoland California

16. Know Ride Closures

Legoland is always adding or removing old rides, completely redoing a section, or revamping a land. Check ride closures at LEGOLAND as your favorite might not be available during your visit to manage expectations, especially if your little one has a favorite. You will be able to check ride closure on the LEGOLAND app.

Speaking of which, my daughter’s favorite Storybrook ride is no longer there and has been re-themed to a dinosaur ride so it’s bittersweet since she grew up in LEGOLAND.

Best Rides at Legoland for Toddlers

17. Know about New Rides or Section

Out with the old and in with the new at LEGOLAND California! We bid farewell to our Storybrook Ride but anticipation builds for the arrival of an exciting new section – DINO Valley. Just as the LEGO Friends section made way for the vibrant LEGO Movie World, change brings fresh experiences for visitors.

With this, it’s always worth keeping an eye on what’s new at LEGOLAND, ensuring you don’t miss out on scheduling your LEGOLAND vacation to coincide with the opening of the latest additions. In 2024, anticipate the unveiling of the DINO VALLEY section featuring three revamped rides by spring, followed by the debut of the LEGOLAND Parade in the summer (the parade route starts at Fun Town). Always check back with us to keep updated to make the most of your LEGOLAND adventure!

Update: LEGOLAND Dino Valley officially opened on March 22, 2024.

18. Utilize the Parent Swap option

At LEGOLAND California, parents with children who both meet and don’t meet the minimum height requirements have the option to participate in a convenient “Parent Swap” at any ride that parents are allowed to ride. To utilize this service, all members of the party must initially wait in line together. Upon reaching the front of the ride, simply inform the ride operator of your intention to use the Parent Swap feature. Once the first ride is completed, parents can then switch places, allowing the other parent to accompany the older child on the ride. This ensures that both parents have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all family members.

19. Upgrade to Reserve & Ride

Legoland has a FastPass to rides called Reserve & Ride! Visitors can utilize this system when the park is busy, like on weekends and holidays, so you don’t have to wait in long lines. It is for an extra fee and you have the option to choose between Express, Deluxe, and Ultimate Reserve & Ride.

Legoland Reserve N Ride to avoid the lines

With this system, visitors can use smartphones to book ride times from a choice of up to 16 of LEGOLAND’s most popular attractions, allowing you to explore other areas of the park instead of waiting in queues. Once the reserved time slot arrives, guests can head to the designated “Reserve & Ride” entrance for expedited access to the attraction. This service helps maximize time spent enjoying the park’s offerings and minimizes wait times.

20. Splurge on VIP Experiences

Another way to skip the lines at LEGOLAND is the book VIP Experiences. It comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $695 per person, but also comes with a hefty list of inclusions:

  • Admission to LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Personal VIP Host to escort you and your family around the Park for up to 7 hours
  • Interesting Park and LEGO® model facts
  • Priority access to all rides, shows and attractions
  • Valet parking at the LEGOLAND Hotel
  • Lunch and refreshments (Excluding Knight’s Smokehouse, alcohol, and souvenir food items)
  • A LEGOLAND gift for the children in the group
  • Exclusive Ultimate lanyard and pop badge
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes model shop tour

There’s also the UltimatePLUS VIP Experience which comes with even more extras.

I hope we can personally experience it someday as the behind-the-scenes model shop tour would be interesting since we are a big LEGO fan family and so I can share our experience with you.

21. Adults can visit LEGOLAND without the Kids

Have you ever wondered if you can visit LEGOLAND without kids? Yes, you can! Unlike the indoor Lego Discovery Center, you can visit LEGOLAND without kids and my first trip to the park was actually before the hubby and I got married. I did find our photo (we were so young then, haha). We went there on a date, rode some rides, ate, and each bought a LEGO Keychain in the end! It was a lot of fun coz it’s very different from all the other theme parks in the US so consider it a date idea!

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22. Use Package Pick Up

There are various shops spread throughout LEGOLAND carrying various LEGO’s, LEGOLAND California-themed apparel, and souvenirs but you don’t have to worry about carrying your purchases around. Simply request for Package Pick Up and you can pick up all your purchases at Minifigure Market located at The Beginning just before you exit the park. Remember to give 2 hours between purchase and pick-up.

23. Bring a LEGO Minifigure for Minifigure Trading

A fun activity kids can participate in at LEGOLAND is LEGO Minifigure Trading. To participate, simply bring a Minifigure from home and find a Minifigure Trading Post or approach a Model Citizen at the park to request a trade if you eye anything you like from their Brick Badge. It is similar to Disneyland’s pin-trading.

Legoland Minifigure Trading

If you don’t have one at home or you forgot to bring one, you can also build 3 custom minifigures for only $14.99 that you can use to trade or just take home without trading.

To trade, your Minifigure must be in complete form – head, torso, hands, and legs. You may trade again and again! 

24. Collect Pop Badges

At LEGOLAND, pop badge collecting offers visitors a fun and interactive way to enhance their park experience. These colorful and collectible badges, often featuring beloved LEGO characters and iconic symbols, serve as mementos of the visit. If you’re visiting LEGOLAND during your birthday, stop by Guest Services to pick up a special “Happy Birthday” pop badge.

You can also get a 1st visit pop badge, seasonal pop badges, and hopefully, you can find the elusive Mr. Gold Pop Badge from LEGOLAND’s Model Citizens – only a small amount are released each day. Ask Model Citizens “Do you have Mr. Gold?” and you may be in store for a special surprise! Good luck and happy collecting!

Legoland California Tips

25. Request for Assisted Access Pass

LEGOLAND California Resort offers an Assisted Access Pass which is designed to provide an alternate option to access rides for guests with physical and cognitive disabilities. The pass is not meant to eliminate waiting for a ride but rather to limit the amount of time standing and waiting in a specific line. It is valid for up to 6 people and be picked up at Guest Services.

26. Rainy Day Promise

If a portion of the rides and attractions at LEGOLAND are closed for an extended period due to rain, Resort Management will activate the “Rainy Day Promise.” If the Rainy Day Promise is activated, those with paid tickets will be able to use their existing ticket for one more visit within one year from this date. No refunds will be issued.

27. What to Pack for LEGOLAND California

What to pack for LEGOLAND depends on whether you’re visiting LEGOLAND for a day, staying overnight, or visiting the water park. Start with comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking and playing in the park’s various attractions. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect against the sun. Bring a small backpack or bag to store your essentials. And lastly, don’t forget to bring your smartphone or camera to capture all the memories at the park.

Even if you’re not visiting the waterpark, you may still want to pack an extra set of clothes or have kids wear bathing suits to play in the splash pad. Two rides promise a soaking experience as well.

Legoland California Packing List

If you’re visiting LEGOLAND waterpark, make sure to pack your sunblock, swimsuit, water shoes, change of clothes, and beach towel. My tip for LEGOLAND Waterpark is to already wear your swimsuit beneath your clothes, it saves you the hassle of changing before dipping in the lazy river or the wave pool.

During the summer when the water park is operational, our typical LEGOLAND itinerary involves enjoying a few theme park rides, grabbing lunch, and then transitioning to the water park for some aquatic fun, then we’ll wash off at LEGOLAND Hotel, then head back to the theme park for more rides. Planning what we’re wearing makes it easy to transition from enjoying the theme park to the water park.

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28. Bring a Stroller

Parents, make sure to bring along a stroller or rent a stroller upon arrival at LEGOLAND, even if your kids no longer regularly use one. This LEGOLAND California tip is a must to save yourself from the whining and potential burden of carrying your kids around the park.

What to Wear at Legoland California

While theme parks and amusement parks typically involve a considerable amount of walking, it’s worth noting that LEGOLAND California’s terrain is not entirely flat, which can add to the physical demands of the day.

During our last visit, I noticed families using wagon strollers with canopy instead of regular strollers, and I couldn’t help but think how ingenious they were. It struck me that if our kids were still small enough to fit in one, it would be incredibly convenient. Those strollers offered ample space for essentials like a diaper bag and jacket, and they provided a cozy spot for little ones to nap. If you have very young children who can still fit comfortably in such wagons, they could be a perfect choice for your visit to LEGOLAND.

29. Bring Small Snacks and a Water Tumbler

Water, small snacks and items required for medical, religious or specific dietary purposes are permitted at LEGOLAND California. Make sure to pack some snacks and a water tumbler and do your refills at water refilling stations around the park.

30. Take a Lot of Pictures

There are a lot of opportunities to take pictures at LEGOLAND California especially when there is an event and they put out more LEGO decorations and special LEGO Meet and Greet Characters. I highly advise taking tons of pictures of your trip – even if you do visit a lot.

Holidays at Legoland

31. Celebrate your Kids’ Birthday at LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California does not have a space for you to throw a birthday party nor is there any free birthday admission (there was in 2019) but you can stop by Guest Services to pick up a special “Happy Birthday” pop badge. You can celebrate though and maybe rent a cabana at the water park.

Another idea is if you are staying at LEGOLAND Hotel, order the LEGOLAND Hotel Birthday Package if you’re visiting the resort for your child’s birthday. You can have a birthday banner hung on your door plus:

  • A souvenir bottle with unlimited refills of Coca-Cola® fountain beverages at the hotel restaurants
  • $20 LEGOLAND gift card
  • 3 Exclusive birthday minifigures
  • Birthday bear plush
  • Birthday pillowcase
  • Birthday blanket
  • Birthday cinch bag

If you upgrade to premium, a surprise birthday dessert and dinner for the birthday celebrant at the Hotel Restaurant will be included.

Legoland California Birthday

32. Make time for other Fun Things to Do near Legoland

LEGOLAND California is located in San Diego County where there are 2 other amusement parks (SeaWorld and Sesame Place) and 2 big zoos (San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park). My travel advice is to make time to include these other destinations in your LEGOLAND Itinerary. The park is also near Carlsbad Premium Outlets for those who want to go shopping plus it’s close to the beach. If you have the time, plan for a week-long vacation and visit the other San Diego attractions or you may even want to drive to Disneyland which is a 1hr to 1hr 15mins drive away, depending on traffic.

Things to Do Near Legoland California:

I hope you found our LEGOLAND California Tips helpful in planning for your trip. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Don’t forget to check LEGOLAND California Discount Tickets for the most up-to-date list of deals available.

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