Our Lowe’s Build and Grow Gingerbread House Project

Super excited for our activity today. I signed up my toddler for the Build and Grow Clinic at Lowe’s. We’ve never done this so I didn’t know what to expect. I just know my hubby and I love building stuffs. I being an interior designer and him being an urban planner.



But wait, we are not the one building, it’s suppose to be for the kids, Haha. But I’ve seen my daughter bang her Mega Bloks hammer, I know she’ll be into it. Lowe’s Build and Grow’s recommended age is 5 and up. She is only 2.5 years old. But I also wanted to join for my readers to see what they can do on weekends with their kids.



We have 2 Lowe’s in our city and I can’t believe this program gets pack fast. I was trying to sign up for the January clinic where they will be building a mystery kit and it’s fully booked in all the Lowe’s close to us.


There were about 15 kids ahead of us in the line and more at our back. Some kids there participates every weekend. The event is held outdoors. It was suppose to start at 10AM. They started to give the gingerbread house kit at 10:10AM together with the hammer and apron. They haven’t set up any tables and so people just sat on the floor and hammered away. We weren’t ready, we were actually hungry, so we decided to just bring the kit home.


Ordered a deluxe meal from McDonald’s Drive Thru to share with my daughter. Can you believe this is actually 1300 calories? After this we were so ready to build anything.


We opened the kit and there are sharp nails involve. So yes, this is definitely for the older kids. I let my daughter set up the pre-cut wood while I go through the instructions. I’m pretty bad at instructions. I couldn’t even build the Ikea furnitures. But this one is well illustrated. Definitely easy for the kids to understand.



We were almost done when I realize the stickers were missing. I went around the house, the car, and nothing. Imagine my frustration. We opened the kit at Lowe’s and it must have dropped on the way to the car. This is not gonna look like a gingerbread house. 🙁



But sticker or no sticker, if my daughter likes it. It’s all that matters. And she does, because when it was almost done. She was racing after me around the table as I hammer 5 more nails I’ve semi hammered in. Bang bang bang. It’s done.



She now has a new toy. And it’s free. You can lift one side of the roof open. This is about 4×4 inches on the base. It looked bigger in their website when we signed up. We just have to get creative and put another sticker to make it look like a gingerbread house. I’ve already signed up for the February clinic “Wheel of Love” Project.


If you would like to join the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic, just visit their website and register for the project you’re interested in. It’s usually every Saturday at 10AM. Happy hammering. Make sure not to lose the sticker. You get a patch when you finish the project on site. Well it’s suppose to be done on site. We have to return the hammer one of this days.

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