Marvel Universe Live Review

It was another awesome family bonding night as we cheered for our favorite Marvel superheroes at Marvel Universe Live! This unique and entertaining experience was as epic as the Marvel Avengers movies that have become classics for all of us comic book nerds, young and old. My hubby had been waiting for this show for over nine months and it was definitely worth the wait.

We attended the show at The Forum, one of the most famous entertainment centers in Los Angeles. My hubby and I had visited this venue as kids with our families to watch the Showtime Lakers of the ’80’s so it was very nostalgic to see the iconic grand rotunda as we drove up from Prairie Avenue.

There was only light traffic in the parking lot since we arrived about 45 minutes early. The kids were amazed at The Forum’s grand arches as we entered on the round and rising walkway ramps above the famous Forum Club.


If you forgot to bring your kid’s Ironman or Spider-Man costume from last Halloween, don’t worry, there is face painting outside the front entrance so they can look like any of their favorite Marvel superhero. There is also a green screen photo booth with the Avengers that will surely become your kids’ favorite picture keepsake.

We did get stuck in a line to buy popcorn inside and barely made it to our seats when the show started.


The Marvel Universe Live show was sheer action-packed entertainment. Our family and The Forum crowd cheered as we saw each of our beloved Marvel superheroes appear one-by-one and sharing the same stage like Ironman, Wolverine, and Captain America.


The acrobatic stunts and motorcycle deft-defying feats were simply awesome as if we were watching Cirque du Soleil and the X Games all at the same time.


There were loud gun noises and occasional fireworks so be mindful of the little ones. But it’s not just all flying, jumping, punching, and special effects. There is a real story line, great dialogue, and outstanding costumes. Plus, the villains were fantastic.



My hubby was happy to see the Sinister Six make an appearance since he hasn’t seen them yet in any of the Marvel movies appear all together. You could even hear the excitement from the adults who made it a date night or boys night out, especially when Marvel’s most endeared superheroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk took the stage.


(Spoiler Alert) My kids kept wanting to see the Hulk and the much awaited Bruce Banner transformation was no disappointment. Also, make sure to stay until the end. There is a wonderful display of all the superheroes and villains posing like real-life action figures.


Based on the smiles on my hubby’s and kid’s faces after the show, the Marvel Universe Live experience was absolutely worth it. We couldn’t stop talking about our favorite Marvel characters and witnessing them come to life right before our eyes.


If you and your family want to take your Marvel experience to a whole different level after watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron at the movies, I highly recommend watching Marvel Universe Live, they are still on tour at other cities across the United States!
disclosure: we were invited to see the show to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own.


2017 Update: Marvel Universe Live is on tour again and will be visiting Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Ontario. Check the schedule here and get your tickets. You can also join the ticket giveaway, we are giving away 4 tickets to the show. Join the Marvel Universe Live Ticket Giveaway.


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