My Little Pony Birthday Ideas + My Little Pony Free Printables

I’d like to share with you guys some My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas we did at my daughter’s preschool for her 5th birthday plus a My Little Pony Free Printable Party Favor Tag.

My daughter loves My Little Pony. I really don’t know how that came about coz’ we hardly watch that show. But she does and wanted it as her birthday theme. So sure let’s do it! Let’s not make another Frozen birthday right?!? LOL! 

I bought a huge heart shape My Little Pony Balloon and a combination of purple and pink balloons to give out to her classmates. Then got cupcakes from Vons and put rings as its My Little Pony Cupcake Toppers. They came out looking really bright and fun looking.


For her My Little Pony Piñata, all I found at that time was a Pinky Pie Piñata. She prefers the Twilight Sparkle character but they didn’t have it. It was still cute though and the kids took turns at the piñata to get those candies out.

I got pizza from Costco, which sounds yummy right now, and some juice. And made it a simple birthday party at her school. She had another birthday party with my family in the Philippines at Jollibee but that will go in another post.

My Little Pony Birthday Ideas


For her My Little Pony Party Favors, I opted to get bubble wands once again. They seem to be a hit with the kids just like what we did during her Little Mermaid party back when she was 3. I created a tag for the bubble wand. Download it and print at home for your personal use:


That’s it! I’m currently working on the little ones Sophia the First birthday this weekend, so wish me luck on that one — procrastinating. Someone get me coffee first!

Below are other My Little Pony Party Ideas I would have included if I had the time to purchase them. I’m always so last minute.


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