National Moms Nite Out Celebration with Friends

disclosure: I was chosen to host a National Moms Night Out celebration and received a party kit for my party, no compensation received, just pure fun.

This week, I hosted a National Moms Night Out celebration with a great group of mommy friends. We got to hang out while the kids stayed with daddy for a few hours(more like jumping up and down above where the party was happening). For a few hours we got to take a little break from our kids, the never ending chores and just chill and have an uninterupted adult conversation.

My dear friend Erika picked up the food(I owe you a grande Caramel Macchiato) as I was running around trying to get the house clean, organized and party ready so everyone can just come in to a relax environment, no toy in sight(yes, the toy room is about to burst).

I started out early trying to make a balloon arch or more like a banner. Balloon arch tutorial to follow including the balloon inside a ballon tutorial. The kids really thought it’s their birthday. I then set up the gifts each mom is taking home, thanks to MyPrintly, Bicycle Cards, and Entenmann’s Little Bites for the fabulous gifts. It was fun taking them out of the huge party box that arrived days prior. I tried to make the kids stay away from the piano but one box of Little Bites got away(I ate some too.. okay a lot, haha).


I also printed some free photo booth props from MyPrintly centered around the Moms Nite Out theme. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the hubby put my printer’s cord, so I had to get them printed outside. I’d have to get a printer soon, lots of free printables to print especially with the 2 kids’ birthday fast approaching.


Then guests came. We ate, tasted different wines, designed our own wine glass, watched the Moms Night Out movie, went back to eating again, chit chat.. umm that Tres Leches was delicious.. sneaked back to the kitchen for another small slice in between topics.





It was a lot of fun. Yet it was also very relaxed. There was no rushing, no kids crying, for a few hours we were kidless in spite the fact that our topics still revolved around our kids, isn’t that how it always goes.




Thanks to my mommy friends for coming. I hope you guys had fun. Hope we can do it again next month, I don’t mind hosting again. It’s a great motivation to clean the house and a great excuse to leave the kids to the hubby, haha.


‘Til our next Moms Night Out, Cheers!
Check out the unboxing of my National Moms Nite Out Party Kit in the video below:
Moms, have you been on any Moms Night Out lately? Leave your comments. And advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

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