OC Fair 2013 Part 1: Food, Food and More Food…

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Have you gone to the Orange County Fair this year or ever? We don’t go every year. But whenever we do, it’s like we were there for 3 days. Because the amount of calories we ate should have been spread out to about 3 days or more.
First order of business. The deep fried oreo! We ordered the sampler and got deep fried oreo(my favorite), deep fried snickers(the hubby’s new favorite), and deep fried twinkies(the tots couldn’t stop eating this).
The entrance to the OC Fair was $11/person. $3 if you arrived at 10 in the morning. Kids 5 and under are free. And the food starts at around $7 an order.
I usually get the charbroiled corn, slathered with butter and mayo, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and other powdered spices there are. But I thought it’s time to try new things this year. That new discovery is an Australian Deep Fried Potato poured with a topping of your choice. This is a must try. They were unbelievably crisp. We got the sour cream and chilli and should have gotten the cheese topping instead(pictured above).
An who couldn’t resist the Chocolate Covered Bacon. Sprinkle it with salt. And mmm.. you might have to order some more to bring home.
 Other food choices: all sorts of crepes, all sorts of popcorn…


And lots of deep fried options. From Fried Zucchini to Fried Lobster…
There’s all sorts of carnival food. From Burgers, Fries, Nachos, to even a Footlong size Corn Dog.
And grilled meat. Texas-sized Turkey Leg anyone?
And can you say no to Funnel Cake. You can order a large one. And it’s equivalent to 4 orders of a regular funnel cake.
You can also get a different beer from another part of the world.
And there’s also Mediterranean food and more.
But I came here for the Apple Fries. A must grab whenever we’re at Legoland. But since we are not traveling that way anytime soon. Apple Fries from the OC Fair will do.
And lastly, next year. I’ll make sure to try the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe.
You’ve got Any Tots on what I should try next time? Let us know your favorite. Enjoy your trip to the OC Fair.For more info on the OC Fair(operating hours, admission price and more), click here.



OC Fair Groupon Discount Tickets $6, check HERE. Use code SUMMER for additional 20% off (limited time)






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  1. I'm usually really fussy about what I eat, but when I go to a fair like this, it is no holds barred – I love fair food, this looks like so much fun, too!

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