OC Fair Part 2: Rides, Games and More…

There are so many fun things to do at the OC Fair. Carnival Rides, games, concert series, shows, exhibits, shopping, and the most important – eating!

You can pretty much get there in the morning and stay till midnight so you can do so much more. During our visit, we opted to go at 5ish to avoid the summer heat.

There are rides for the older kids and the younger ones. And I can’t believe they actually have a log ride. I thought those can only be placed on the bigger theme parks.

We opted to stay at the older kids’ rides. And dared not to go near the kiddie rides, as our daughter might not let us go home anymore.

But we did let her go on a pony ride. And she loved it like always.

And us adults? We just opted to stick to the food. Walked around, got food, sat and ate, looked at the people’s faces riding the scary rides(haha), and then repeat all over till we were stuffed.

We did ride the Ski lift type of ride the previous time we were there and it was one of the scariest rides ever. I didn’t move at all especially when the wind blew. Don’t ever think this is a romantic thing to do with your date, totally not, haha. It’s the best way to see the whole fairgrounds though – If you can dare look. Lol.

There were a lot of carnival games but better save this to the latter part of your trip to the OC Fair coz’ although the prizes are these cute gigantic stuffed toys(think minions and smurfs), you wouldn’t wanna carry them the whole time at the fair. A turkey drumstick on your right hand and smurf on you left?

There’s also a lot of animal exhibits. From the giant horse to the cows that are there year-round. We were amazed as much as our daughter was.

We missed the last show at the milking parlor. It would be kinda cool to see how much milk gets produce when they milked the cows. Or is that not giving them enough privacy?

There’s also a farm section where you’ll see various plants and flowers including a giant sunflower.

And for the shopaholic – There’s a parade of products, craft booths and more. There’s even a lottery booth at the fair.

We stayed till 10 PM and had a great time. Maybe next time we can watch one of the summer concerts or see a sporting event.

And for those wondering, OC Fair have real toilets and not portable potty. And though there are lines, the lines go by pretty fast. Just try not to go overboard with those lemonade or alcoholic drinks.

Now I’m tempted to go to the LA County Fair too, which starts end of August in Pomona.

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