Our Flavorful Lunch: Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace

I started with three jumbo shrimp cocktail for an appetizer, continued with two hamburger sliders, two servings of beef brisket smothered with mango barbeque sauce, a basket of sweet potato tater tots, a bell pepper cheese quiche, two saio long pao, a leek dumpling, four Chinese donut/crullers. For dessert, a banana caramel crepe drizzled with Nutella, a pecan sticky bun and a chocolate creme brulee. What have I just itemized? Well, that’s what I ate at a recent buffet feast in Las Vegas or at least that’s what I can remember eating. I’m pretty sure I ate more than that.

We went on a Friday lunch at Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace during our recent trip to Las Vegas. I ended up with a plate full of meat. The beef brisket was so good, I went for seconds. The ribs were hard, and the bacon was.. as if it wasn’t bacon.. meaning it wasn’t good. I didn’t realize you can do bacon wrong. There were no crab legs on a Friday lunch, although they do have mussels, oysters and jumbo shrimp cocktail and other seafood offerings.

The star of the day though was the sliders. Thick juicy burger patty topped with cheese on a soft bun. It’s so simple yet so good. I’m craving for it as I write this post. This goes out fast but Bacchanal refills them well.


They have mexican, chinese, italian, japanese, charcuterie, salads, a cheese spread and so much more. At first I thought the buffet offering was small. Until my daughter asked for steam rice(Yes, she loves steam rice). And my hunt for steam rice led me deep into the restaurant and discovered more and more food choices until I reach the Asian section where lo and behold, a huge rice cooker was waiting for me. Lol.

I also love the fresh fruit juices and wish I have it on my fridge right now. It’s just so refreshing, especially with this summer heat. What do you think, it looks good right?


I’m surprised the food at Bacchanal were flavorful. Usually, buffets would have a lot of items but they are not really that good, but every little item seems to be have been well thought of. From the sliders to the leek dumplings. I wish I could have tried more. But I’m currently pregnant and cannot consume raw, soft cheeses and cured meat and so much more.


Unfortunately, the desserts didn’t make an impression. Unless I pick the wrong sweets. I have a sweet tooth, so this is important. But the hubby got a really good molten chocolate cake. Just don’t sit too close to the sweets section if you have kids. The candies/gummy bears were literally at the back of our lil one. Good thing she ate a lot first, inspite eyeing the gummies the whole time. Haha.



All in all, our lunch at Bacchanal buffet was delicious and memorable. Amongst the 3 newer buffets in Las Vegas, It’s actually better than Wicked Spoon of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Studio B of M Resort. It’s important that every little piece I get is flavorful so I’m not just ingesting on calories for no reason. And Bacchanal definitely brings the flavor factor in.

Update: we also tried the Yummy Breakfast Buffet at Bacchanal Ceasars Las Vegas recently, it was delicious.

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