Our Night at the Museum Movie Marathon: Free Activity Sheets

We stayed-in during the scorching hot weekend and did a movie marathon of The Night at The Museum 1-3. You can create a fun movie marathon like we did with the Night at the Museum Free Printables and Activity Sheets plus some fun recommendations below.

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. We received a party kit for our movie marathon. This post may contain affiliate links.

3 movies, a huge box of pizza from Pizza Hut, snacks from around the globe and fun activities including building a dinosaur model. We literally didn’t need to go out, more like we shouldn’t(it’s 90 degrees outside). But we did, a quick trip to get ice cream then it’s movie time!!!

We started with the first installment of the Night at the Museum which was released way back in 2006. I remember bits and pieces of it. But I look at movies in a different way now. Always trying to see what lesson will our kids get out of it, so it’s like seeing it again for the very first time.
There’s both a moral lesson and some lesson the kids can gather from what is actually on exhibit at the museum. My daughter is learning about dinosaurs at school last week so the timing of our movie marathon is just perfect. So after our first movie, my husband helped the kids build their dinosaur model. Get this Dinosaur Model Kit from Amazon that is similar to ours.
While they were busy building, I called Pizza Hut to deliver some “PI”. It was PI day last Saturday. If you’re ordering, I highly suggest getting their garlic parmesan bone-in wings to go with your pizza. Mmm.. delicious.

Then on to Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian where Security guard Larry Daley(Ben Stiller) heads to the the Smithsonian Institution to rescue Jedediah and Octavius, who have been shipped to the museum by mistake.
You’ll see the same gang from the first movie plus a few more addition. The kids were partly glued, partly questioning everything, “What happened?” So we did a few rewind, pause, diaper change, in between popcorn and chocolates. It was a fun movie marathon.. family style. LOL.
We saved the Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb for Sunday coz’ the kids were tired already. It’s one of the last films Robin Williams was on before he passed away.
The third installment was funny like the first two. The effects put on the the moving exhibits at the British Museum like the snake was amazing. And I love the constellation effect at the beginning of the movie.
If you wanna throw a Night at the Museum Movie Party? You can print out the Free Printables we’ve included in this post for your kids or friends to enjoy. Or if not, just some fun weekend activities for the kids. Have Fun.