Our Penguins of Madagascar “Chill Out” Movie Night

Is it Monday already? I wish it’s just Friday. Friday is my favorite day because it’s the start of the weekend. We either dine out or stay in for a Family Movie Night. Our latest showing was “Penguins of Madagascar” which we made more fun by doing a “Chill Out” party theme.


So first things first, we made our own ice cream. Once my daughter got home from school, we started working on the Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball which at first seemed daunting to me. I’m bad at things that comes with a manual that I have to read, haha. But it was so easy.


Open the bottom, put ice and rock salt. Open the top and put your cream & whatever you want on your ice cream. We put in strawberries, cookies & cream, M&Ms, PB&J and some sugar, closed it and started shaking, rolling. Kids loved the process. And I really love how the ice cream ended up tasting.


Then after dinner and bathe time. We cozied in and I took out their “cheese dibbles”, something you’ll see at the Penguins of Madagascar movie, which made it really funny. The 4 penguins always got distracted when there’s cheese dibbles around. My kids on the other hand, got distracted with the cupcakes with cute Penguins of Madagascar Cupcake Ring toppers. The little one has never had it, the eldest loves it and ate it with her eyes close. LOL. I had to rewind the movie at this point.
We also enjoyed some fruit punch with “Penguin” ice. Really cute and worked on activity sheets.

Throw a “Chill Out” movie party yourself and enjoy watching “Penguins of Madagascar. I highly recommend it. We’ve watched it 3 times since.