Legoland California: Fun Rides & Yummy Apple Fries

Whenever the weather is great, we head out to theme parks or outdoor events. Last weekend, we spent it at Legoland California and we had a fabulous time. We love Legoland coz’ a lot of the rides are geared towards the younger kids like our preschooler. And who couldn’t say no to Yummy Apple Fries. Check out all the fun rides we took with our daughter.

Her favorite Legoland ride during this trip is the Royal Joust(pictured above). She got to ride it by herself while we look from afar and couldn’t believe how much she’s grown that she gets to ride on her own now. Snif. The Royal Joust Ride is for single riders and gallops up and down like a horse on an elevated track.

She also wouldn’t leave Duplo Playtown. This area is perfect for younger kids, just like the Lego Duplo. She’s like walking left and right in this area and couldn’t decide on what to play with, there’s so much to do. There’s the train ride, the big house with a slide, all the built-up activities to explore. We can stay here all day.


I really like the water battle ride(pictured below). And best of all, you get to join the battle even if you don’t join the ride. Check out the kids below shooting water guns on the riders. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Just make sure to bring extra clothes for all the water fun at Legoland.

There are rides for the younger crowd:

And rides for thrill seekers.

You can even try wall climbing.

Eating it didn’t take very long. And when I realized I wanted to take a picture of it, this is all that’s left of my apple fries. Urk.. Now I want another one! Legoland.. Why can’t you ship me one? Or two? Lol.



There’s also a 4D show at Legoland.

And a cute Lego giraffe peeking through this building.


We started at 1PM and after several rides and pictures with Lego Mascots, it was already 5PM. We sat down for some coffee and Lego chocolates before checking out SeaLife Aquarium. Check out my post on SeaLife Aquarium tomorrow and find out why it’s a must visit.