Princess Diana Exhibit: Queen Mary Long Beach

We got to see the “Diana: Legacy of a Princess” Exhibit when my family was given a private tour of the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach. I’ve been fascinated by Princess Diana’s style & charity work and was taken aback by her sudden death back in 1997. If you’re a fan and would like to see some of the evening gowns, dresses, personal accessories, photographs, heirlooms, and other cherished memorabilia of Princess Diana and the Royal Family, visit the Queen Mary for an up-close look at the Princess Diana Exhibit.

Check Princess Diana Exhibit COMP Tickets to visit the exhibit and see some pictures of the exhibit below:

One of my favorite parts of the Diana Exhibit is this Family Tree in a beautiful white tree relief with framed pictures of the family including the newest addition, Prince George.

Quite engrossing is this quilt that made of small square mosaics that you’d need to stare at for some time before being able to see Diana’s face. It quickly shows when you take a picture of it but then photography is not allowed at the exhibit, I was only allowed as a member of the media, so big thanks to Commodore Everette for the in-depth tour of the whole Queen Mary ship and for allowing me to share a bit of this exhibit.

This table was used by Princess Diana in answering her correspondence. It was shared to us that her dad taught her to answer every letter before the day ends, and this is the table she used.

This portrait of Princess Diana and her two young princes was beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. Their happy times together, eminent in their smiles were cut short due to her early passing – it was hard to look at. If it was hard for us – onlookers who were captivated by her charm and compassion, imagine what her kids, Prince William and Prince Harry had to endure at such a young age, losing such an amazing mom.

And for those who didn’t know Princess Diana, coz’ you weren’t born yet when she was all over the newsv(makes me feel old)… But someone wanted to drag you into the exhibit.. like your mom.. ehem. Here’s a showcase on Princess Kate and a replica of her famous wrap dress.

There’s also a gift shop where you can buy various souvenirs like Princess Diana’s picture, tea sets, glass, books, etc.

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