10 Reminders for your Visit to Disney Theme Parks

Here are 10 Disney Reminders for anyone visiting any Disney Theme Parks soon. We visited Disneyland California some weeks ago and almost forgot to check where we parked our car (yikes), so I think this list will help in making that trip to Disney a successful one.

1. Check the Daily Crowd Index, Holidays & School Breaks before going to Disney.
Getting the most out of a Disney trip depends a lot on how crowded Disney is when you go. Wednesday & Thursday is usually the least busiest time at Disney parks. But do make sure you avoid the holidays or even the US spring break (especially foreign visitors whose school schedule or holidays are different from the US) unless that’s the only time you can go.
2. Check which Disney Rides will be Close on your Visit and know that Parade is not held daily.
Before getting excited or planning what rides to plan within your trip to Disney. Check for Disney Ride Closures before visiting the park. Some of your favorite rides may be under maintenance during the week you’re going, being improved or totally not there anymore to make way for new things at the park.
Parades are not also available on a nightly basis.
3. Get some of these Disney Packing Essentials
  • You’d have to fold/unfold the stroller when riding the tram to/from the theme park to the parking lot. Load your stuff in a backpack instead of loosely loading them to a stroller.
  • Don’t forget your sunblock, hat & sunglasses.
  • Chances are, it’s cold in the morning, hot at noon, then cold at night. Bring a sweater/jacket and layer. I’ve experienced wearing a long sleeve and it got uncomfortable by noon.
  • Plan your outfit/change of clothes accordingly if you wish to ride any water rides, or just change of clothes for the kids in case of emergency.
  • Pack or grab some snack so you don’t get hungry (or the kids) on unexpected wait times while on queue for a ride.
4. Remember where you Parked your Car at Disney.

There are various parking structures and lots at Disney, then it’s also multi-leveled. We almost forgot to take note last time we visited. That would have been disastrous after all that walk inside the theme park.
5. Learn how to skip the Long Lines before going: Disney Fast Pass, Rider Switch Pass, etc. There are also separate lines for the disabled.

Learn about Fast Pass and Rider Switch Pass as we’ve previously written about Tips on Avoiding the Long Lines at Radiator Springs Racers in Carsland at Disney California Adventure. It really saves you a lot of time to enjoy other things. Prioritize getting this passes as they will be gone by noon especially the Jedi Training and Radiator Springs Racers.
6. Download a Disney Wait Times App.

You can download a Disney Wait Times App for live wait times of various Disney Rides. It also helps you figure what rides you’ve never taken if you don’t frequent the theme park as it’s listed alphabetically versus the Disney Map that shows it to you by area.
7. Check Disney Showtimes and arrive early to save your spot!
It’s best to arrive early to a show to save a spot. You will not be allowed in once the show starts even if somebody leaves just like at the Royal Hall where they have a Beauty & the Beast Show and Rapunzel show.
8. Book a Hotel for a Mid-Day Break when you have Young Kids for a better Disney Trip.

You arrived early to beat the crowd but wanted to stay all the way to see the parade & fireworks. But the kids are done by 1PM and turned into the evil witch.My suggestion: Book a Hotel Room. If you wish to save, you can book a room in front of Disneyland for naps which is just a few steps away from the theme park so you can return in the afternoon refreshed. We previously booked Marriot Fairfield and was also able to watch the fireworks from the balcony. Details of that hotel stay here.

9. Photograph the memories and grab a FREE Disney Pin.Something is FREE at Disney? Yes! You can grab a FREE Disney Pin for your First Visit, Anniversary, etc to keep as keepsake of your visit.

And make sure you don’t forget the camera or phone camera to record all or some of the fun. I recommend getting a waterproof case for your phone in case you’re headed to any water rides. Mine is in a waterproof case 24/7 though coz’ I accidentally threw my new iPhone into the washing machine last year. Long story.. don’t ask. LOL.
Disney has official photographers where you purchase their photos taken of you but you can ask them to use your phone or camera and they’ll gladly take your shot using it as well.

10. Don’t leave Disney without trying or having a Dole Whip! There are two lines to purchase a Dole Soft Serve Ice Cream or Dole Float (pineapple juice with Dole Soft Serve). One is outside the kiosk, the other line is inside where you gather for the Tiki Room. It’s typically shorter inside. Might as well take the afternoon break from the heat inside the Tiki Room while you enjoy your Dole Whip.



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