The Shrimp Lover Redondo Beach Restaurant Review

Looking for a restaurant like Boiling Crab in the South Bay? If you live in the South Bay of LA, you no longer have to drive all the way to Orange County to get some cajun shrimp from The Boiling Crab. There’s The Shrimp Lover at Redondo Beach Pier and it’s not only similar but they also serve really good Thai food and has a bigger seafood menu.


Thanks to my sis-in-law for introducing us to this place. We can avoid the long drive to get cajun shrimp and have an ocean view as well every time we dine as the restaurant is fronting the waters of Redondo Beach.

Our visit today would not be bearable without ordering a really cold Thai iced tea. Coz’ seriously, what’s up with the weather? I feel like taking a bath in ice. We do after all have a compact ice machine at home, maybe I should fill the bath with it. LOL! I’m hoping for Fall weather to come sooner.

Getting back to the food! The hubby and I each ordered 1lb of cajun shrimp, with sausages(too spicy) that came in this cute lil’ bucket. We were quiet for a good 30 minutes as we devoured our own bucket of boiling shrimp. Maybe less than 30 minutes, I’m not sure. Who’s counting?

If you do visit The Shrimp Lover Redondo Beach, I would recommend ordering their garlic bread and dipping it in the cajun sauce that came with the shrimp, you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna love me for it as well.


We also ordered a basket of cajun fries but it was just okay.The Shrimp Lover is a casual restaurant. Great if you visit on a weekday. Busy when you go during the weekend. It’s on the same level as the top parking lot of the Redondo Beach Pier parking structure.

It’s fun to bring the family for birthdays or get together with friends especially if they love seafood. Food is fresh and the servers are nice, just expect delays during busy hours.

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  1. Those shrimp look delicious! I could probably put away a pound by myself. It's one of my favorite foods, and I wish they had a festival around here.

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