Restaurant to Try in Phoenix: La Santisima

Last day in Phoenix! Last chance to try another really good restaurant in Phoenix before we drive back home. My cousin’s cousin – another foodie like me who travels to eat except she doesn’t seem to gain weight (Hi Jemille) recommended a restaurant to try in Phoenix called La Santisima.

La Santisima is a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that just blends in into its neighborhood that you won’t notice it if you ever drive by it. But forget the exterior, forget the old looking interior as well and focus on what you’re going to order because the menu is massive. Even the salsa bar with over 10 types of salsa will confuse your palate in figuring out which is your favorite. They were all good and we haven’t even touch on the tacos and unique quesadilla and we were already full.

You pretty much sit yourself when you get in at La Santisima. Then after perusing through the massive menu, you order your food from the bar. While waiting for your order, you can help yourself to any or all of the salsas from the salsa bar. They were all good and I cannot pick a clear winner, so just try it out and let me know when you get a chance to try La Santisima when visiting Phoenix.

For the tacos, you get to order 3 different kinds per plate. There were 7 kinds so we just ordered 2 plates of 3 each and let go of the white fish and got the rest. My favorite from all the 6 types of tacos was the shrimp one and the pork one. But they were all good so you can’t go wrong really. The meat was very generous and each plate also came with rice and beans. Weird to say, but the rice was the standout in everything we ate. It almost has the consistency of cauliflower rice but just really really good.

We also ordered the quesadilla per Jemillie’s recommendation and indeed it’s unlike any quesadilla we’ve ever tried before as she has mentioned to us. It’s not made of flour tortilla and it is deep fried. The kind server helped us decide which to order as there were like 15 kinds of quesadilla to choose from. I ordered the one with beef and topped with Mexican cheese, avocado and chimichurri.

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I was tempted to order a margarita but I simply have no more space for it. The hubby did enjoy their horchata which he said was one of the best if not the best he has tried. I’m not a fan of horchata so it had no effect on me whatsoever, which is a good thing coz’ it’s one less calorie for me to consume or crave for. Haha.

For the kids, I ordered just a plain chicken taco and beef taco and unfortunately, they didn’t like it. They are quite picky eaters and have yet to get their palates to immerse in Mexican food. Hopefully, they’ll get accustomed to it sooner, as the hubby and I really love Mexican food or simply a variety of food for that matter.

In case you haven’t read about our visit to Bobby Q, check it out as well. It’s the other restaurant to try in Phoenix that we don’t want you to miss out on.

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After our lunch at La Santisima, we drove to Glendale, Arizona to go on a Chocolate Factory Tour at Cerreta












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