Circus Vargas Review: Magikaria 2013 Show

We finally got to see Circus Vargas Magikaria. I didn’t tell my daughter we are going to the circus until we got to the big top. And boy was she excited when we got there. Especially since we were watching it with her 2 fave cousins.

“Circus!”, she exclaimed. Followed by, “Mommy.. I Love You”. Sigh.

We got invited by Circus Vargas to see the show. There are 3 levels of seating, ours were bleacher seats. I thought we will be far from the action but the big top is actually not that big inside as it appears on the outside. The bleacher seats were bench style seating. And everything is clear from our seats. If you want your kids to get called to volunteer in some acts though, it’s best to get the front row seats.

There was a pre-show 30 minutes prior to the actual show. Kids gathered in the middle being entertained by the magician and teaching them tricks like keeping a feather upright on your palm and showing them other circus trickery. Then the Circus Vargas Magikaria show started starting with dancing and trampoline act.

There were balancing acts, trapeze, there was also a young juggler who can juggle 9 balls, I couldn’t even do 3. And an even younger bike rider who spun inside the globe. Pretty amazing.

There are no animals in the Circus Vargas show. And I love the fact that the show is not too long. Just the right amount of time for the kids’ attention span. There’s an intermission in the middle and we walk out to take pictures with the human cannon machine.

When we got back, after a few more circus act. The cannon entered the tent, I tried to get my camera ready. The guy came out of the cannon so fast that you could hardly see him in this picture.

All in all, it was a good show especially for first-timers at the circus. The length of the show was just perfect. The seats needed some TLC but we had a good time.

My sister in law got the kids their clown nose. They were selling them and the feather each for a dollar. Oh look, where are the clowns?

Til our next adventure. Bye!

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Ticket raffle giveaway and show tickets were provided to Any Tots.

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