Review of Lotus of Siam: Thai Resto in Vegas

I love eating at local spots in Vegas. And I’ve been meaning to eat at Lotus of Siam due to its huge Yelp reviews but never managed to get there until our recent trip. This famous Thai restaurant in Vegas is in the middle of nowhere, it looks like an abandoned strip mall.

When we got there before it opened for lunch, we are thinking.. Oh good.. There’s no line. But when 1130AM struck, there are all these people coming out of their cars headed to the restaurant. It’s a weekday.. Lunchtime.. What is going on? Luckily, the restaurant is actually huge inside. So we didn’t really have a problem getting seated. Awesome.. coz’ I’m hungry! Lol!





You have the option to have their lunch buffet or ala carte. We tried both to know if it builds up to the hype that it’s the Best Thai restaurant you’ll ever eat at.

We ordered the garlic prawns where they pulled out the shell of the shrimp but left it intact and deep fried it. I didn’t taste any garlic, it was yummy eating the crispy shell. Then we also had the Crispy Duck in Panang Curry Sauce. It was tasty, we also dipped the shrimp in the Panang sauce.

The buffet is lackluster, unfortunately. The only saving grace is the Tom Ka Khai Soup which was best I’ve tried. Avoid the buffet, and just order it ala carte.


The food presentation is good, the interior is simple but I love the long narrow wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant. If you’re craving for Thai food when you’re in Vegas, it’s a good spot, not extremely better than other Thai restos in the US or in Thailand even as some Yelp reviewers might say, but definitely at par.


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