Review: Our First California Strawberry Festival Experience

The 2021 California Strawberry Festival is canceled but is already scheduled for 2022. For this year, I recommend visiting strawberry picking farms near Los Angeles to get all your strawberry needs.

We finally got to experience the California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard for the first time. It was huge but well-organized. There were lots of things to do and best of all, a variety of yummy strawberry dishes to dig into. Plus, rides, games, and arts & craft. We had a berry blast.

We got to Oxnard early to make sure we can find parking at the California Strawberry Festival. Everyone had the same thought though coz’ there were already people lining up at the gate entrance when we got there. Getting in was pretty smooth. There were signs everywhere pointing to the festival and ushers helping you get to the parking. It’s nice to see that the festival was really big yet well organized.

Once parked, there were different gates to get inside depending on where you end up parking at. We entered at the red entrance and there are ticket booths in case you didn’t get your tickets online and a row of a port-o-potty. The red entrance is closer to the food booths. While the blue entrance is closer to the carnival rides.

Once inside, we were greeted by a really sweet strawberry sample from one of the booths selling fresh strawberries. The food booths were everywhere. And I mean everywhere.. where should I start? There was strawberry pizza, strawberry nacho, strawberry popcorn, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. As well as non-strawberry food items like BBQs, Thai food, tacos, pupusas. And one that really caught my eye and my hunger pangs was the garlic crab fries. Drool!! There were also alcoholic drinks including strawberry margarita.

We proceeded to Strawberryland where all the kids’ rides were at. The Strawberry Festival ride tickets were $1 each and all rides required 1 ticket each. Since we got there early, there was hardly any line at the rides and at the same time the rides were really long, not your typical 2 spins and you’re done. Win-win situation. There were about 10 carnival rides perfect for young kids and a really high bungee jump for the thrill seeker. Our daughter went on 5 rides and didn’t wanna leave. I personally like this heart ride that spins and you can also manually spin the heart yourself.

There were also other games like stack a strawberry shortcake for $5 and the strawberry tart toss, a huge arts & craft section, there was a puppet show and so many more.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long coz’ we had to go to 2 more events that day but I look forward to going again and staying longer next year. We left by noon and the parking lots were all full already while shuttles were coming in.