Sea World New Shows and Rides + Ticket Giveaway

sea world ticket giveaway

disclosure: this is a promotional post for Sea World.

Kicked off your kids’ summer break with a trip to Sea World in San Diego. Check the new shows and rides that’s been added and enter for a chance to win a Family 4 Pack Tickets to Sea World below.


New! Orca Encounter! 

An educational show featuring the natural behaviors of Orcas with an expansive infinity screen bringing the killer whales’ story to life in an immersive detail. Learn about their hunting techniques and complex communication codes. Excite your sense of wonder and feel the connection between these whales and our oceans. Experience killer whales from around the world like never before at SeaWorld’s all-new Orca Encounter.


New! Ocean Explorer!

An area featuring five new children’s rides and three new animal encounters to help unlock the ocean’s deepest mysteries.

5 Rides include:
  • Submarine Quest, an interactive ride.
  • Tentacle Twirl, a jellyfish swing ride.
  • Octarock, a back to back swing that can adults can even ride in.
  • Aqua Scout, a mini submarine that spins, bump and bounce you around.
  • Sea Dragon Drop, a shot and drop tower.

sea world submarine quest

sea world rides
Aqua Scout

There’s also a cafeteria at the New Ocean Explorer area. So plan your lunch break or snack time in between rides here.



Meet resident cuties like the beaver, sloth, penguin and various birds for a photo opportunity while you’re visiting Sea World.


Try to also visit Sesame Street Bay of Play. It’s not as crowded as the new Ocean Explorer but the rides are just as fun, especially for those who hasn’t been to Sea World for quite some time.

Check HERE for a complete listing of rides at Sea World, thrill rides like roller coaster and raft rapids are also available.





Besides the New Orca Encounter, enjoy various shows at Sea World like Dolphin Days and the funny Sea Lions Live. Check HERE for a complete listing of shows at Sea World.


Dolphin Days
Sea Lions Live



Enjoy 8 new amazing experiences, including 2 shows inspired by playful sea creatures, an electrifying dance club with a world-class DJ, and your favorite SeaWorld attractions like never before.

Electric Ocean is an outrageous festival of lights, music, and life that’s as vibrant as the sea itself and your family’s exhilarating destination for the ultimate nighttime celebration. Nights at SeaWorld have never been hotter.


The SeaWorld Rescue Team is on call 24/7/365 to care for ill, injured and orphaned animals, often in need of lifesaving care. For more than five decades, this dedicated team has provided a second chance at life to more than 30,000 animals, always with the goal of rehabilitating them and returning them to the wild.


One random winner will be pick to win a Family 4 Pack Tickets to Sea World. Enter through our Facebook Post and leave a comment below for 1 entry. Giveaway ends July 5th. Let us know what you’re excited about or when was the last time you visited Sea World. Good Luck.


Sea World San Diego Pictures




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104 thoughts on “Sea World New Shows and Rides + Ticket Giveaway”

  1. It’s been 6 years since the first time we’ve been to sea world. Long over due to go back. Good luck everyone

  2. Awesome giveaway, this would be great for my sons 8th birthday end of this month! #MomsatSeaWorld

  3. Sea World is always a fun family time and its soooo much cooler in San Diego than the Inland Empire Temecula where we live would sooooo love to take the kiddos

  4. We recently went for the first time about a month before all the new stuff opened. My daughter’s loved it all and I’m sure would be excited to see everything! They loved the dolphin show the most but don’t want to sit in the 2nd row next time lol

  5. We would love to take out family and show how Sea World is changing and still caring for the sea animals.

  6. My boys love Sea World San Diego. Would love to go see the Orca encounter. Sea World is great because they have so many different shows and no show is ever the same.

  7. I’d love to see the Dolphin Days show! I haven’t seen a dolphin show here in probably 10 years!

  8. We went many, many years ago. We didn’t get to see the last show of the day.
    It would be so great to be able to go again and see ALL the shows. Plus, I am
    sure there are many new shows to see!

  9. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was 8 months old…

    Would love a chance to go back and bring my 22 month old daughter 🙂

  10. I’ve haven’t been to Sea World in over 15 years & would love to take my 4 & 2 year old.

  11. What a great giveaway. Would love to win to take my kids to the sea world for the first time.

  12. I haven’t been to SeaWorld in 20 years but I’m sure my five-year-old would love to go. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  13. I’m excited to take my 3 year old to The Bay Of Play at SeaWorld! How fun would that be!

  14. I haven’t been to Sea World in over 20 yrs & would love to take our 6 yr old for the 1st time. Thanks

  15. After teaching a 2/3 combo this year, this teacher needs to redirect her attention to her kids!!! Sea World would be a great place to make new memories!

  16. We have never been! This would be so amazing to take my kids to. We need a out of town vacation!

  17. We had passes last year and LOVED spending hours in Bay of Play. I’d love to check out the new rides and attractions this year!

  18. Sea World looks like so much fun it will be perfect for my little family to celebrate my princess 2nd bday. Thank you for the wonderful
    Opportunity I can’t wait to take my princess to sea world! I haven’t been there in years now that I have my princess I can’t wait to take her to show her all the sea animals

  19. This would be so much fun! I didn’t know they have added a few new attractions! Would love to take my little one!

  20. Haven’t been to Sea World in 6 years. I was pregnant with baby #2. Now there are four. Would love to see all the marine animals and check out the fun rides. Beluga whales are my favorite!

  21. My husband and I haven’t been in at least 8 years! We really want to take our son for his first time before we have our next son in October .

  22. We haven’t been in almost a decade. Would love to show our youngest all that he wouldn’t remember because he was a baby. So fun!

  23. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was in elementary school. I would love to bring my kids back to experience it again! Thank you for this chance to win tickets!

  24. We’ve been planning to take our kids to San Diego for a while now. We’d love to include a trip to Sea World!

  25. We have never been to Sea World. We just took our boys to the California Science Museum yesterday and they loved it. My youngest love the big fish tank. My husband then said we need to plan a trip to Sea World. My boys would be so excited to go.

  26. Back when I was a little girl my parents used to take me to SeaWorld every year during the summer, we would visit the one in San Antonio first since it was pretty close from where we used to live and then we would go to the one in Orlando, we never got a chance to go to the one in San Diego but it would be awesome if now I could take my little ones there. It would be a first for all of us. Speaking of first times… When my kids’ were little but ready to go on their first family adventure to a themed park we chose Sea World and they loved it and can’t wait to go back. The Sea lions show and the rides that get you wet are our family’s favorite. Thanks for the chance to win! GOD bless.

  27. My son loved the dolpin show bur for scared when the dolphin splashed us. He talked about it for weeks.

  28. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Haven’t been to sea world since I was in 6th grade. Would love to take my son and brother.

  29. Thank you for the opportunity to take my grandchildren to Sea World! Would love to see their faces at all the new experiences….

  30. I adore Sea World. I could watch the Otters all day! So many fun new things to do….thanks for the info!

  31. Thanks for a great post with all the new additions to Sea World. We haven’t been in so many years. It would be fun to go again.

  32. Sea world is the greatest place in the world. I havent been to the new rides yet! This would be awesome to win! Thank you!

  33. This looks like SO much fun. I haven’t been over to Sea World since we moved to Florida over two years ago! We’d love to get a chance to win. Thanks bunches!

  34. The last time we went, my son was 6 and my baby girl was 2. It would be nice to takethem now as they are a bit older. Thanks for posting

  35. Thank you for the amazing opportunity can’t wait to take my 21 month old princess. Good luck everyone!!

  36. I ‘m glad to see they added more rides for younger kids. My kids would love the animals encounters.

  37. My family and I never been there. I think they would love to go there after everything I just read in your blog.

  38. My boys would be over the moon to be able to go and see the animals. I am pretty sure the Orcas would be their favorite as they love the Free Willy Movies

  39. Very excited to see the New Orca Encounter! The last time we went was 3 years ago with my family. It’s been fun and really can’t wait to go back and check out the new shows!

  40. We visited Sea World three and a half years ago when Daniel was 5 and I was pregnant with Destiny. I would love to go back as a family of 4! I am most excited about the Animal encounter, I know the kids would really enjoy it!

  41. We went last year, my kids love the sesame street area, I love learning new things at Seaworld! We’re due for another visit!

  42. We were just there 2 years ago and I had no idea there were so many new things to experience! Can’t wait to go again.

  43. I would love to take my family to see the new attractions we went last year so there’s a lot of new things to see

  44. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity! This would be such a fun way to spend time with my boys this summer! They would just love to go! (My oldest has even said he wants to work with SeaWorld when he is older. He wants to help others learn about these ocean animals while also rescuing those in need of help.) Good Luck, everyone!

  45. We haven’t been to sea world yet. Didn’t realize they have rides as well. Would love to win the tickets for my son’s upcoming B Day in July.

  46. I can’t believe how much Sea world has changed. I honestly can’t remember the last time I been there. I think I may have had only 1 child at the time and my oldest are 13 & 10. This would be an amazing prize to win. Good luck everyone!!!

  47. I haven’t been to sea world in years, sounds like they have total revamped the park. I know my kids would love this place!

  48. Would love this for my son and daughter. We didn’t get to go when we went to San Diego.

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