SeaWorld Rides for Toddlers & Young Kids + Activities

Headed to SeaWorld with toddlers? Buy the $69.99 SeaWorld San Diego Discount Ticket or visit in October to take advantage of the Kids Free San Diego promotion. Check out our list of Sea World Rides for Toddlers & Young Kids, including all the activities geared toward their age or height.

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seaworld rides for toddlers

The Octorock ride at SeaWorld was such a hit with the kids from our last visit that they wanted to go back!

We surprised them this week and stayed primarily in 2 areas to enjoy all the rides and activities geared toward young kids – the Ocean Explorer area and the toddler-friendly area of SeaWorld San Diego – Sesame Street Bay of Play.

We did venture out a little (against their will) after lunch for some pineapple whip and got to go up the 320 feet high SkyTower observation tower and for the first time ever, big sis rode the rapids ride. She’s getting braver by the minute!

We did go back to all the kiddie rides and met with Elmo and Cookie Monster and ended the night meeting Santa Claus at Santa’s Village. We also gave in into eating a really good chocolate funnel cake & donut holes. It was an epic day at SeaWorld!

SeaWorld Rides for Toddlers & Young Kids

Skytower – We enjoyed a breathtaking ride up with views in every direction from this observation tower. You’ll see Mission Bay, Pacific Ocean, and San Diego’s skyline. This is the perfect ride if you’re looking for a break from the midday heat. Guests under 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

SeaWorld San Diego Rides for Toddlers

SeaWorld Skytower

SeaWorld San Diego Rides for Toddlers at Ocean Explorer Area

Aqua Scout Ride – Ride one of the six mini-submarines as it spins, bump, and bounce you around. Guests must be at least 36” or accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years of age or older). 2 kids can sit in the front, and adult in the back.

Rides and Activities Young Kids Can Do at SeaWorld

Tentacle Twirl Ride – Not for the toddlers but more like the young kids. Guests who are at least 48” can ride this Jellyfish-themed swing ride alone. Guests between 40” and 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion 14 years of age or older and ride in the double swing.

Seaworld Ride for Kids

Submarine Quest Ride – One of the newest rides at SeaWorld. Go on a mini-sub and embark on a mission to collect data and learn how to help animals of the deep. Monitor your onboard digital navigation dashboard and expand your understanding of the ocean ecosystem. Watch for potential surprises on your journey. Guests must be at least 42” or accompanied by a parent (18 years or older).

Interactive ride at SeaWorld

Sea Dragon Drop Ride – Shot-n-drop tower scaled for younger explorers. Guests must be at least 36” or accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years or older).

Octorock Ride – A giant swing. This gives me butterflies in my stomach but it’s such a big hit with the kids. Guests must be at least 31” tall to ride. Guests between 31” and 36” must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Guests over 6’1” must not ride.

SeaWorld Rides for Toddlers at Sesame Street Bay of Play Area

Elmo’s Flying Fish Ride – Go up and down and around with Elmo dressed up in a zebra or a clown or whichever one you choose.

Abby’s Sea Star Spin Ride – Go for a spin in a teacup ride. You control the spin with the wheel at the center of your starfish-inspired riding cup.

Oscar’s Rockin Eel Ride – Hang on as you spin and slither along on a side-to-side slide of an adventure. This may not be for toddlers but more like pre-schooler.

SeaWorld Activities for Toddlers at Sesame Street Bay of Play

Meet and Greet with Sesame Street Pals – Besides all the SeaWorld Ride for Toddlers, make sure to look for Elmo & Cookie Monster during your visit.

We were lucky enough to see Elmo & Cookie Monster when we went back to Sesame Street Bay of Play after going on the rapids ride during the afternoon. Someone will take their photos for you to purchase but you can also take pictures of them.

Fun things to do at seaworld with kids

Carnival Games & Arcade – There are arcade games and some carnival games at the back end of Sesame Street Bay of Play as well as around SeaWorld. Extra fee applies.

Play Pit – I honestly don’t remember what this place is called. This may be the only spot my girls didn’t play at but it is perfect for parents taking their toddlers to SeaWorld San Diego. Parents, even grandparents can sit around along the cushioned bench that surrounds it and just watch the kids play – all day. It’s shaded too.

SeaWorld Toddler Play Area

Punching Bags – The girls round around here so much. Plenty of hanging punching bags that it’s a fun maze in there. Must be 37″ tall and within 61″ tall to enter. I love the fact that SeaWorld also time the kids so there’s not too many inside at a time.

Air Bounce – probably the biggest jumper I’ve ever seen, haha. The kids came here multiple times. It’s timed so there won’t be too many kids inside at a time. Kids probably get 3 minutes or less of jumping time then it’s another round of kids. The line is not long either which allows the kids some break from all that jumping to catch some air for their next round of jumping. Must be within 37″ and 61″ to jump.

fun things to do at Seaworld with kids

Aquaria Touch Pool – The Lil’ one stayed here forever with the hubby. She had fun touching sea stars, spiky sea urchins, seashells, etc. This is next door to the Shipwreck Rapids ride.

seaworld for kids

Net Climb for Young Kids – Our eldest (2nd grader) loves this place. The lil’ one was too scared (too little) to climb. Big sis’ went up about 6 times and after going up the net, she has a choice of where to go. Through a tunnel? Through a bridge? A different path each time? I just followed her from below to see where she’s headed. But if your kid is big enough or frequents this play structure, you can assign a designated point of where to meet up.

Adding this ride that is more of a thrill ride for the bigger kids:

Shipwreck Rapids – I love going on rapids but never thought I’ll be going with my daughter (2nd-grader) now. But she said she wanted to try it and was ready. The wait was supposed to be 30 mins. long but it turned out to be an hour. But we had so much fun even if we were soaked for the rest of the day. It’s not exactly a ride for the very young but if your kid is at least 42″ tall and ready, then this ride is a lot of fun. I will purchase the Quick Queue pass next time to avoid the line. It’s only $20 per person for unlimited rides here.

Seaworld rides

So which is your favorite? Or I guess your kids favorite?

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