Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Show Review


It was our first time at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and I was surprised to see how great the set design was. The show is set aboard an authentically replicated 18th-century Spanish galleon. And the ship is anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon with night sky lighting.

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There was a mix of comedy, romance, acrobatics, & pyrotechnics. Overall, it was a fun show that gets everyone engaged. Our daughter loved the show and wanted to see it again. Which, for any parent is the most important thing.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure show is not only for those with kids though. It’s actually for everyone. Go with your kids, go on a date, go with your friends. That was actually the crowd when we went. A mix of families, couples, a group of guys & ladies donning their pirate’s costume. Everyone was cheering and just having a great time.

I’d like to share with you some info and tips for watching the interactive pirates show including Pirate’s Dinner Adventure coupons below:

  • There are two shows every weekend and one show on weekdays.
  • Doors open hours before your showtime for free appetizers and a pre-show.
  • You will check-in once you arrived at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure where your seat section(by color) will be assigned to you. There are 6 sections.
  • There’s unlimited appetizer before the show. Yes you heard me right.. Unlimited!! Pirate’s Dinner Adventure serves cheese sticks; salami on bread; sausage on bread; veggies & dip; and the one I really like was the corn poppers. I need to look for a recipe for those yummy corn poppers.
  • There are two bars to order your drinks from at the waiting area. And they all looked yummy. But I didn’t order any this time. Maybe when I go with friends.

  • There’s a gift shop for all your pirates’ merchandise needs. From pirate’s hat to hook to sword, they have it all.
  • If you wanna secure a table and chairs for your group to enjoy your drinks and appetizers before the actual show, I would suggest getting there early.
  • There’s a pre-show at the waiting area before everyone gets ushered in into the actual pirates’ show. Assisted seating will be ushered in first before everyone else.
  • Seating is by color sections and each section has multiple level seating. Colors will be called and ushered in. It’s very organized. We were at the red section and it was great. But it seems like you can see everything from any section though.



  • Once seated, you’ll be asked about your drinks. It’s unlimited soda on pitchers. But servers will still come around to ask if you want drinks from the bar.
  • Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Menu: Soup or Salad to start. Beef kabob or roasted chicken with rice or mashed potato as the main dish. Kids get chicken nuggets with mac & cheese. There is a vegetarian option too. Dessert is a brownie with vanilla ice cream. I honestly think the food was tasty but can be improved.

  • Each section has a pirate(actor) whom they cheer on as the adventure unfolds.
  • There’s audience participation. Even kids get to go on the stage. How cool is that!

  • There are some cannon blasts and pyrotechnics. It could get loud inside for kids with all the cheering and all. We have a toddler who was cooing every time everyone cheered. While our preschooler covered her ear for half the show but then wanted to go back and see the show again. (Go figure).
  • The staff was all nice and friendly by the way.


A big loud cheer to the whole cast and crew aboard the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. We had a great time mateys!!!