Free $25 Gift Card with your Easter Bunny Photos

Hop over to South Bay Galleria for a picture with the Easter Bunny and get a Free $25 mall gift card to use at the mall when you purchase a $49.99 Easter Photo Package. The photo package comes with plenty of pictures as well as a Free $25 Shutterfly promo card, so it’s like getting a free photo package.

south bay galleria easter bunny

disclosure: this is a sponsored feature in partnership with South Bay Galleria.

I saw the Easter set up last week when we visited to check out all the Fun Things to do at South Bay Galleria with Kids and fell in love with the beautiful Easter setup. I took my little one today for her annual Easter photo and the photos came out great.

south bay galleria easter bunny


These are the various Easter Photo package available but I would suggest getting the $49.99 one for the best value as it already came with a digital download option and a free $25 gift card. If you choose the other options, you can still avail of the digital download for only $10 and you’ll receive 4 free wallet size with it.

south bay galleria easter bunny

Package A – $49.99 Easter Photo Package

  • Four 5 x 7 photos
  • Two 4 x 6 photos
  • Four 3 x 5 photos
  • Four Wallet size photos
  • Two Keychains
  • Free Digital Download
  • Free $25 Shutterfly Promo Card
  • Free $25 South Bay Galleria Gift Card*

*until supplies last.

Package B – $39.99 Easter Photo Package

  • Three 5 x 7 Photos
  • Three 3 x 5 Photos
  • Two 4 x 6 Photos
  • Two Wallet Size Photos
  • Free $25 Shutterfly Promo Card

Package C – $29.99 Easter Photo Package

  • Two 5 x 7 Photos
  • Two 4 x 6 Photos
  • One 3 x 5 Photo
  • Two Wallet Size Photos
  • Free $25 Shutterfly Promo Card

Package D – $24.99 Easter Photo Package

  • One 5 x 7 Photo
  • One 3 X 5 Photo
  • Two Wallet Size Photos
  • Free $25 Shutterfly Promo Card

A picture with Mr. Easter Bunny at South Bay Galleria is on a first come first serve basis. It will be available until March 31st, 2018. It opens at 11 AM every day but the mall opens it door earlier than 11 AM so if you could, I would suggest getting there before 11.

They print the photos really fast as well and so as soon as you are done, you can take your $49.99 receipt (Package A) to the guest services to claim your $25 gift card and start shopping.

south bay galleria easter bunny pictures

Other Easter products are also available at the Easter set-up, do check them out.

I’m happy with the photos and since the package came with a free digital download, I can add her photos to all the Shutterfly photo books I’m trying to put together.

South Bay Galleria is located at 1815 Hawthorne Blvd. #201 Redondo Beach, CA 90278. Advance Happy Easter!

south bay galleria easter bunny

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6 thoughts on “Free $25 Gift Card with your Easter Bunny Photos”

  1. We are long overdue for family pictures. We haven’t had the youngest’s Easter pics done in a few years. Guess who’s making an appointment now?!?

  2. These pictures are so adorable! I love the backdrop. I’m 21, am I too old for easter bunny pics? LOL

  3. I love the idea of dressing up like Alice from Alice in Wonderland and heading out for photos. The Easter bunny has always reminded me of that movie for some reason. This is a great deal so this is the time to take advantage of the offer.

  4. Awh what a pretty Easter Bunny set up! I love the background so much and your daughter is posing so pretty! What a great deal with the Shutterfly gift card too!

  5. These photos serve as great memories to have with your loved ones. It’s great that you can print them out instantly and fast. My mom is not a big fan of keeping photos only digitally since she’s still a believer of hard copies for remembrance. The $25 gift card sounds like a good deal.

  6. Offering a free gift card to the mall with the photos is a really great promotion. I remember getting Easter photos done each year as a kid . . . it was so fun. Your little one looks excited to be dressed up and meeting the Easter Bunny!

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