Spa Relaken Hot Stone Spa: Miyako Hotel Torrance

disclosure: I was invited to experience Spa Relaken. All pictures and opinions are my own.

I’m a completely new person. This is how I felt coming out from Spa Relaken in Torrance the other night. It felt like I slept the whole week. It was an amazing feeling. Both during the 2.5 hours of pampering and the after effect. I came home with so much energy that I worked ’til 3 in the morning doing some design changes on this blog, got up at 7 and was ready for anything.


I visited Relaken Spa at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel to check out their Spa Week treatment, they are one of the spas participating on Spa Week. Spa Week? Yes! Do you guys know there’s such a thing as a Spa Week? Ya, like restaurant week but instead, the finest spas in the country offer a good deal on spa treatments for only $50 to promote the wellness lifestyle by making spa services affordable to everyone. It will run from April 13-19 nationally and spas will offer 2-3 $50 spa deals.

That’s genius and awesome right? There should be one every week. LOL. But seriously, for a whole week next week you can get $50 spa deals that would typically cost you over a hundred bucks at the finest spas all over the US.


I was at the spa for 2.5 hours. I walked in, the place was beautiful, clean and serene. The staff were all very nice. I needed all the quiet time I can get in the world. I started with the Hot Stone Spa, something I’ve never ever done before. I’ve only seen it on most of the Asian drama series I’ve watched where you lie down on a hot stone(towel on top) and pretty much sweat it out. It was amazing. It’s a good way to detox and clear your mind.


After the Hot Stone Spa, I hit the Jacuzzi and showered. Their jacuzzi and shower are ADA accessible, so bonus points for that, I’ve never seen any other spa that is ADA accessible.

While at the jacuzzi, I was already thinking of all the people I would invite to check the place out including the hubby, my sister in law, my cousins and all my mommy friends from the South Bay. I better reserved for next week after this post to take advantage of the $50 Spa Week deal through before they get booked.

After all that, my session is not over yet. I lounged at the Healing Room. Ahhhh.. so good. What are the kids doing at home? No, I don’t wanna know. I focused on relaxing and my hot peach tea.


The nice owner Akemi came to checked if I’m okay. We chit chat for a bit and I found out I’m at the 21st location of Spa Relaken, they have 20 locations all over Japan. She told me about how the Hot Stone Spa benefits a person, from the 21 minerals of the hot stone that improves your blood circulation to how your hair can also get better. And we even talked about the yoga session they offer at the Hot Stone Spa room. I must try that next time.

I actually bump into the yoga teacher at the locker room preparing for her class, I must really join that class. I needed some stretching and a jacuzzi after. Who wants to join me?

Then, I was escorted to the massage room where I requested for a Swedish massage and it was really good. I wish I can remember my massuese’ name, starts with a letter H, she had the right pressure for me, so I have to request for her next week.


I really recommend Spa Relaken, more like highly recommend. But if you leave nowhere near Torrance, has an extensive list of the finest spas all over the country. My session would have cost me about $150 but instead it will only be $50 starting next week. So don’t forget to book for your treatment, from massage to facials, etc. Enjoy!

disclosure: I was invited to Spa Relaken to experience the $50 Spa Week treatment. All pictures and opinions are my own.












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