Star Wars Celebration Orange County

I had the privilege of going to the Star Wars Celebration in Orange County at the Anaheim Convention Center last week. The celebration or convention ran for all 4 days starting on a Thursday and I got to immersed in all things Star Wars on that Saturday with other Star Wars fans like me. Hubby stayed home with the kids and missed out on all the awesomeness but I got him a signed Star Wars book, art work, pins, etc. If you missed it or went but need to see more. Check out all the pictures below.

If you ask me 2 weeks ago about Star Wars, I’d say, “Trash Compactor, Darth Vader, a gold robot, a small robot, Lightsaber, and Natalie Portman”. Yep! That’s all I knew about it then. I saw Star Wars when I was very young and would assume that based on remembering the trash compactor scene, it traumatized me and never wanted to see the other episodes again in spite seeing Natalie Portman later on as part on the newer episodes.

But knowing since last year that the Star Wars Celebration is coming to Orange County and it’s not a yearly occurrence. I had to get my Star Wars pass and hopefully get myself to finally watched all the episodes and be ready to cover the event. When did I see it? Last week, the week of the Star Wars Celebration and I have become a Jedi. Okay not a Jedi but I became a Star Wars fan overnight and now understand what the buzz is all about. I can’t believed I waited this long to watch it.

You can just imagine the excitement, curiosity, anxiety that set in as I drove to the Anaheim Convention Center where the Star Wars Celebration was held. Once I was like 2-3 blocks from the convention center, pedestrians dressed in Star Wars costume were trying to cross the street like I’m headed to a movie set. And even when I tried to cross the streets myself after I parked, there are families all dressed up including their babies, fans talking about their homemade lightsaber, etc. But the whole thing went to another level once I arrived outside the Anaheim Convention Center. A group of Storm Troopers walked out in pairs and exited as though they are going to a battle, it was an awesome sight.

Since I was so hungry a there were about 10 food trucks outside the Star Wars Celebration. I went ahead and grabbed food before getting my Star Wars badge. I got this really yummy R2-D2 Bowl from Barcelona on the Go which is Shrimp over Rice with Chipotle AioliI. I tried to take in everything that was happening outside which in itself was already a lot of fun(fans on cosplay) while I enjoyed my yummy brunch.

Once inside. Wow.. just wow. If you’re the ultimate Star Wars Fan. You really had to be there. I really didn’t know where to begin as the whole Star Wars Celebration covered a lot of ground and was in all 3 floors of the Anaheim Convention Center. Star Wars Props, Star Wars Costumes, Star Wars toys, to even the actors from the Star Wars film were there to sign autographs, or if you’re feeling brave, you can also get a Star Wars tattoo.

And like that is not enough, I got to even see a group of Tie Pilots headed down the escalator on my way to the upper floors, it was quite a sight. Check out all the pictures below from the Star Wars Celebration including all my favorite Star Wars toys that are coming out very soon. The whole thing was very organized even though everything you do requires getting on a line.. a very long line that is.

I must have been on an hour long line to pay for all my Star Wars merchandise purchases. But I must say, it’s been worth it. I didn’t line up for Carrie Fisher, it was crazy long (update: RIP. Why didn’t I line up). Like I can’t even see the end of it. But if the Star Wars Celebration comes back years from now to Orange County or in Los Angeles and has Hayden Christensen(Aniken Skywalker) on it, I’ll be lining up. LOL.

Start humming the Darth Vader hymn now as you scroll thru the pictures below. Hope you enjoy them and May the Force Be with You!


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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't figure out what I like best. The costumes, R2-D2, the car, the food, etc. It's all great, and I wish they had this around here.

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