The OC Fair: An Annual Family Event

Going to the OC Fair is an annual family event for us even if that means gaining some calories from all the food and spending a lot on the carnival games and not winning any stuffed toys. It’s a lot of fun and there are so many things you can do.

The OC Fair is so huge that you couldn’t finish it in one visit. Last year, we actually missed out on seeing the Cow’s milking session so that’s what we prioritize this year. I’m glad that we did because it’s very informative. If you’ve never seen it, check them out in The Barnyard by the Centennial Farm. They will demonstrate how a cow is milked and give you all the information on the whole process from farm to store.

Next thing we did? Eat!! Of course!! We also got a chance to listen to two young gentleman sing on stage right where we sat to eat and they were really good. I would suggest seating next to performances while you enjoy your food. Although of course there will be a lot of those moments when you’re walking from one attraction to the next, only to be stopped by more yummy food, that you just have to “eat walk”. Yep… I just invented a term. Instead of sleep walk.. We “eat walk” a lot, or should that be “ate walk”? Whichever term, at least the walking help us burn some of the calories of all those fair food we devoured.

And this year… like the last year.. and I’d say, every year ’til our daughter decides she wants to be an equestrian – she wants to go on the pony ride! And after the pony ride? The carousel ride. She must really love horses.

We also spent a lot of tickets on the OC fair rides this year coz’ she’s a lot bigger now and more brave than ever. She even wanted to go on the huge Ferris Wheel. My husband and I look at each other to see who will ride with her.. we looked back at her and said, “that’s scary”. Haha.

When we got to the kiddie rides and there was a junior size Ferris wheel, she bugged us to go on it again. We looked at the Ferris wheel then looked at each other once again, and echoed, “that doesn’t look safe”. Haha. Our daughter has become braver than us.

It’s interesting to see though how the OC fair has rides for the big kids and a junior counterpart for the smaller kids. From the slides to the log rides to the Ferris wheel and more.

If you’re wondering, the OC fair rides tickets cost $10 for 20 tickets. You can buy them in bulk and they issue you a card and the rides and carnival games just use a scanner for you to participate. Most rides need 7-12 tickets and around 10-12 tickets for the carnival games. It’s quite a lot but we had fun and our daughter had fun. Our Lil’ one, on the other hand, was just observing from the stroller. By next year, we need to purchase more tickets since they will both be riding. Yikes.

We ended our visit with ice cream, funnel cakes, and more fried food while we watch the free Chinese acrobatic show. How about you guys, have you been to the OC fair yet this year? If you haven’t gone yet, or has already gone and want to go again, they will be at the OC Fair Grounds until August 10. Have fun!!!












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