Our Tour of Western Museum of Flight: Things to do in South Bay

What do you get out of joining the MOMS Club? Lots of playdates! The moms club that I’m part of is not only super active and highly organize but creates really good activities for our kids. One activity I really like is a tour of the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance with a drive around the airport to see the hangars, parked private planes and helicopters.

Not everybody who has live in this part of town has ever been to the Torrance Airport because there’s no commercial airplane flying out of here. And so finding this museum, you’ll most likely end up parking in the wrong location. But you’ll find it. And it’s a great find because you get to sit on a jet’s cockpit!

Northrop YF-23A “Black Widow II”

The Western Museum of Flight is a non-profit, educational institution dedicated to preserving and displaying aircraft history and artifacts of Southern California’s aviation heritage. Children under 12 are free. And it’s a $5 donation for the rest of the not so young like us.

As stated on their website, “The Air Museum’s educational programs give children an opportunity to see and touch the airplanes that made aviation history.” It’s more like see, touch and ride actually. And our group was the only ones there, so our kids got all the time and photo opportunity everyone needed while riding the small airplane and the big jet.

The museum houses the Northrop JB-1 “Bat”. It’s a World War II “Buzz Bomb” built in 1942. There are only three of Jack Northrop’s flying wings left in the world. This is one of them.

The Air Museum offers an inside look at completed and in-progress aircraft restoration projects. The Western Museum of Flight’s collection includes numerous Warbirds, aircraft and target drones, piston and jet aircraft engines, aircraft components, aircraft ejection seats, World War II instruments, aircrew accessories, and an extensive model aircraft collection.

Opposite the museum’s hangar is another hangar that houses a plane that was once owned by Steve Mcqueen.

If you’re in LA especially the South Bay, do include this in your list of “things to do with the kids”.

We drove around to see other hangars, saw some helicopters from Robinson Company, the air traffic control and so much more. 


Hours of operation: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – Tuesday through Sunday

General Admission $5.00
Members Free
Children under 12 years Free

Visit their webite for more info.

Torrance Airport: 3315 Airport Drive, Torrance, CA  90505