Walt Disney Studios Advance Screening Experience + The Good Dinosaur Movie Review

I’ve always wanted to visit the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and we finally got to go last night when we got invited to the advance screening of The Good Dinosaur movie. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to going back.

Check out all our Walt Disney Studios Burbank Pictures below including the building with statues of the 7 dwarfs plus my review of The Good Dinosaur movie. You can also check our old post for The Good Dinosaur Free Printables for a fun educational activity for the kids this Thanksgiving.


We entered through the Alameda St. gate of the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank to watch The Good Dinosaur movie. Right when you enter the gate, you’ll see the huge building on the right that has the 7 dwarfs in its structure. Got me really excited to take pictures.

If you’ve never been to the Walt Disney Studios, it’s huge. We actually got there when employees were about to get out(rush hour) and it was pandemonium at the multi-level underground parking as everybody was trying to get home.

After we parked, we went up the elevator and started taking pictures with Walt Disney and Minnie Mouse before walking to the main theatre.

I wish it was a daytime screening so we can take more pictures at the Walt Disney Studios lot. We’d probably have to wait for the Star Wars Advance Screening, fingers crossed they have it. They already have the Star Wars tarp up at the main theatre.

Once inside the Walt Disney Studios Main Theatre though, I’m surprised to see that there is no concession stand. Good thing we had our dinner at Urth Cafe in Downtown LA prior or the kids would be hungry(me included). Lots of the moviegoers were looking for food as well, we had a 7PM screening. A dear blogger friend of mine told me after that she was able to get food at the cafeteria during a morning screening though, for the benefit of those going next time. I know there’s also a Starbucks on the lot.

The curtain inside the theatre was in green, for the green dinosaur in the movie that we were about to see. Check out The Green Dinosaur movie review below and thanks to Disney for having us last night, we had a great time and look forward to a visit again, hopefully a Walt Disney Studios Tour is on the horizon.


The Good Dinosuar movie by Pixar is about the green dinosaur Arlo who was scared of everything and the little boy Spot who is the total opposite. It’s basically about a boy and his dog, but in this movie, the dinosaur is the boy, and the dog is the little boy.
They form a bond as they travel back together to find Arlo’s home when he fell onto the river trying to chase Spot as he blames him for the death of his Poppa(his dad).

His journey with Spot will not only help him find his way home but also to find himself and eventually earning his mark, which was something he’s been trying to earn since he was very young.
You will be amaze by how realistic the scenery was. It’s as if they were shooting in a real environment. 
There’s lesson to be learned from The Good Dinosaur as well. Like how kids will learn to face their fear when they go on their own journey instead of always being protected by their parents.

The Good Dinosaur movie also had its funny parts. I think Spot brought out the funny side and got kids in the theatre following his howl and got the adults laughing as well.
The only downside of this movie is it could be violent for young kids as they show how animals try to survive in the wild. Some parts scared our 2.5 year old and our 5 year old(she gets scared easily still). Maybe better for the 7 and up. 
Big sister is off from school this week though and I look forward to doing The Good Dinosaur activity sheets(print them for free)with them. And we have to continue our conversation about dinosaurs being extinct.
You can head to El Capitan Theatre to see The Good Dinosaur movie if you’re in LA as they have a Pixar musical before the show and a Dino exhibit presented by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to view after the show.

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